Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back on track!

Saturday's workout plan did not come to fruition.  And since I have not been able to get back on track.  Mia had a track meet on Saturday.  I got to stand in pouring rain to watch her high jump.  Even with the cold and pouring rain I really enjoyed watching her jump.  My plan had been to watch her jump and then workout during the rest of the meet.  But my mom decided to come to the meet.  I am glad she did.  But with the pouring rain and my mom to visit with my workout did not get done.  Mia and I got home about 5:30 from the meet.  I really could have worked out after we returned home. But I was too lazy.

Sunday was busy with recital practice, cheerleading practice, dance recital and more cheerleading.  I was gone from home from 8:30am to 9:30pm. I could have gotten up and completed my workout before hand. I am not and never will be a morning person.

Yesterday, I did 25 pushups first thing in the morning.  Week 2 Challenge is to complete 300 pushups on my toes.  This in addition to any pushups in my workout plan.  So I started with a plan of 50 pushups a day.  I managed 12 pushups before needing a break :)  I am very happy with that.  Then I had to bring Mia to the doctor to get her collar bone x-rayed.  That took over 3 hours.  The afternoon was spent registering Erica for dance next year and then dance class.  Now I did have a couple of hours in the afternoon I could have worked out.  But I didn't. :(  I didn't even finish my 50 pushups...

Today.  It is 11:00 am.  I have done 25 pushups.  I will complete my workout for today!  Plus I will do 50 more pushups and rejoin my squat challenge.  150 squats today.  So before lunch I commit to doing 25 pushups and 100/150 squats.  Then after lunch I will do my 12wbt program workout.

Food has been an issue lately. I've been eating out way too much.  I have not been journaling.  But that is changing today.  Began to journal again this morning.  

I know my changes are for a lifetime.  I accept that I will backslide.  But I am committed to staying to course for the long haul.  I know the week before each period will be a struggle.  I commit to getting through it and getting back on track as quickly as possible.  I will not let it destroy the hard work I have already invested in myself.  I commit to taking care of myself.  I commit to staying healthy.  

Friday, May 17, 2013


I planned to get up and do my workout before leaving for the college tour this morning.  But I also knew I would NEVER do it.  I am not a morning person.  Not ever.  So in the back of my mind I figured I'd do it this afternoon/evening when I got home.

Well when we got home, I was too tired.  Dinner came and went. I crawled into bed intent on Facebooking the night away.  

Suddenly, I am up, in my closet, changing into my workout clothes.  I thought I'd do 1 circuit and call it quits.  After one was done...I thought ok I'll do 2. After 2 I went full throttle for 3!  As I neared the end of my circuit I kept hearing Mish tell me to give it my all...not to whimper out but to finish with a bang.  And I did.

Last round, I never watched the videos. This weeks Mindset video was what go my through tonights workout.  I am so glad that I watched the video.  I'm not sure what's changed in me this round.  But I am participating fully.  Not 100% with the menus.  But in every other aspect I am 100% committed.  I am committed to 1200-1400 cal/day.  I do love Mish's meals when I eat them.  Not sure what's holding me back from100% meal participation.  But I know in time that also will come.  Baby steps that last a lifetime are more important than going full throttle for a few weeks and quitting.

On another note...

Hannah toured SCSU today.  It is a lovely campus. And I love St. Cloud.  I could happily send my daughter to SCSU.  We also drove around to look at the 3 gymnastics facilities near St. Cloud.  If she decides to attend SCSU she will be able to find a gym to coach and intern at quite easily.

She is now considering a business major instead of Sports Management.  She figures the business degree will help her more when opening her gym.  So now she wants to go look at UMD.  Since both Al and I graduated from UMD I think it would be great!  She has plenty of time to decide what she would like to do. I'm glad she is starting to think about these things!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


ugh!  it started this morning about 10:00.  I HAD to have a donut from Walmart.  I threw the rest away as soon as I got home!  But from there it went all down hill!  Must be about a week from TTOM!  Wish I thought of that earlier...  I don't feel so very guilty anymore.  Every month I deal with this eating frenzy.  I have never been able to conquer it.  But I also know that in the grand scheme of things my "diet" is not destroyed by it.  

Had a great workout this morning.  I brought my stuff out onto the deck.  Toffee hung out with me.  Neyo even visited.  She sat with one paw outside the door for awhile.  So 4 days of 12wbt and I love these workouts.  

Tomorrow and Saturday will be a challenge.  Tomorrow I am driving Hannah to Saint Cloud to tour her first college.  I guess technically her second college since she currently attends LSC.  But she never toured LSC.  And she is technically a high school student.  But with the drive there and back most of the day will be dedicated to her tour. Do I get up and workout before going?  I am NOT a morning person.

Saturday, I am going to Mia's track meet in Stillwater.  That is also a 2 1/2 hour drive one way.  But at the track meet I figure I can find time to do my workout.  But...Do I want to wear my workout clothes all day? 

I also have my squats to do both days.  But I will get both days done. Because I DO NOT have time on Sunday to do a workout!  The little one has her dance recital on Sunday.  Plus Sunday is cheerleading day.  So very busy.

I always seem to be busiest on the weekends.  I am never able to do my shopping or big cookups on the weekend.  But I am learning to just plan for my grocery shopping day on Monday.  12wbt is designed for what works for the majority of people.  But I am sure everyone has to make some sort of adjustment to the program to fit their schedule.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ok.  I decided to create a visual motivation for myself.  I spent two hours shopping for the perfect items.  Finally figured out Pier 1 would have exactly what I wanted...and they did!  I purchased two beautiful glasses and a plate.  In one of the glasses I placed marbles equal to the amount of weight I want to loose (52 pounds).  In the other glass I will place marbles from the first glass as I loose the weight.  I placed these glasses on the plate.  I also placed 25 marbles for the weight I have already removed from my body.  It's beautiful to look at and I cant wait to move my marbles.

Today was my third workout.  I did my intervals and then continued on my walk.  Today I added additional intervals because I wanted to.  I did 5.5k in 54 minutes.  I did a 5k in 48min 50 sec.  Not too shabby...especially since a hardly ran.  But it's a starting location for the summer.

Halfway through my workout, I took my tank top off. I was too hot.  In my 42 years I have never publicly worked out in my sports bra.  Never.  Swore I never would.  I thought it would be too much like running in my unders.  But I just didn't care.  I figured if I could wear a two piece swimsuit I could run in my sports bra.  And I've never felt that way when I saw others in a sports bra.  It was just a confidence thing.  And 12wbt has given me confidence to do things I normally wouldn't even at 200+ pounds.  Next week I will be sub 200 :)  Yippee!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2 workout done!!

It was a great workout!  I wanted to workout at the park.  But by the time I finished breakfast it was raining!  Yes again my procrastination meant working out in the rain.  Fortunately, the park had a shelter.  The best part was the shelter was by the river.  Listening to the water rush by made for a very relating workout!

I again adjusted my workout due to my squat challenge.  My legs didn't allow for step ups or hamstring curls.  I did do one set of each.  But after 3 sets of 45 squats, my quads and hamstrings had had enough.  On Thursday I need to remember to bring both yoga mats.  That cement is still quite cold.  It was only 44 degrees this morning.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

week1 day1

I had a list a mile long to accomplish today.  And  I inserted everyone of them before I went outside to exercise!  By 1:30 this afternoon it started to rain.  Really?  Well, I procrastinated.  But I was not about to move my workout to my treadmill.  I've had enough of my treadmill for a while.  And I was NOT going to let myself procrastinate for another minute.  If I did I would not get it done.  JFDI.  I decided running in the rain was my penance for procrastinating.  As I got cold arms while running, I just reminded myself to JFDI sooner! 😜  

Off to a good start.  I did the workout.  Well except the final blast.  I traded by 130 squats for the final blast!  And I am really feeling this workout.  I started to cramp while stretching.  That was a first.  I thought stretching was supposed to help with cramping.  

Tonight I made the eggplant and capsicum wrap for dinner.  Yum!  But I decided I prefer eggplant peeled first.  The skin is very tough.  After prepping the capsicums, I was in the mood to keep cooking.  So I put chicken in the oven.  Then I made chicken soup.  4 servings for the week.🍲  I can't wait to try it tomorrow.

Last round I never understood the "big" cookups recommended for Sundays.  Part of that was my being gone almost every weekend at a gymnastics meet.  Now I get the idea behind a cook up.  I look forward to one each week.  I also think that there must be other recipes from this week I can cook ahead of time for assembly at a later date.  If I have time I will cook ahead.  

I know.  I know.  JFDI.  But my JFDI for this week is cleaning my fricken house! 🏡 It's a horrendous mess after being gone for almost 3 weeks straight.  My girls are not the best when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. And three weeks left on their own (with a day or two home in between trips) has turned my house upside down.  So my priority is to slowly put it back together.  I refuse to stress myself getting it done in one day.  15 minutes here and 15 minutes there should have it in livable condition by next week.

Speaking of not stressing myself...Tomorrow is hubby's annual stockholders meeting for Allete.  The girls and I have attended every year since E was born.  But this year I am telling hubby that I cannot make it.  I've got too much to do.  Plus, I figure nobody will miss me.  He'll be disappointed.  But in the grand scheme of life it is just not all that important.  So I am moving it to the "do not bother" list!

As I sit here and type, my body aches from today's workout.  How am I ever going to manage tomorrow?  JFDI that's how!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 1 take 2

Wow!  I knew I hadn't posted in a while.  But not since week 1 of round 1?  What the hell happened to my blogging my 12wbt experience?  Here's to hoping I do a better job this time around.

Last round I did the Learn to Run program.  I lasted for about 5 weeks then I got sick.  Then I went to help my mom with my brother after he had a seizure and a car accident.  Then I started travel season 2013 which is just ending now.  I am in the New Orleans airport waiting for my flight home.

I did my fitness test on Wednesday before leaving.  I can't believe the improvements I did make.  I was sub 8:00 on my 1k run!  7:45 to be exact.  I held my plank longer. I did more pushups.  I made the intermediate exercise program.  I've looked it over and as it includes a running segment, I am going to jump in and do the program I have earned.

On Thursday, as we were boarding the plane, my husband told me my butt was smaller!  Yahoo!  I wore a two piece swimsuit all weekend at the pool and I looked awesome!  

I had been waffling whether to even enroll in round 2 but Al was adamant that I do so. He feels that I have done so well that I needed to keep going!

My goal for round 2 is to hit an overweight BMI.  I do not want to be obese anymore!  There I said it.  It will be done!  

I am in the midst of a 30 day squat challenge with the Girl Gang on Facebook.  Yesterday I did 110 squats.  Today is a rest day.  Tomorrow is 130 squats.  Looking forward to them! It should be interesting with the intermediate workout program.  But it will be done.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 1- Just the beginning

Monday was Cardio day. L2R plan was to run 30 sec walk 90 sec. I am way beyond that! So I increased my speed from 6.5kmh to 8kmh. I was originally going to stick with c25k until week 9 was completed. But I figured to start with l2r and increase my speed was probably more appropriate. Particularly since Mish designates speeds to run at. And my 6.5kmh is not anywhere near her speed designations. I am also now running at 1% incline. It is my hope to get the incline up to 2%.

I did do one alteration to the program. I ran for 60 sec and walked 90 sec. I really worked myself to run that 60 sec repeatedly. Last week I was able to run 8kmh for 62 seconds before decreasing my speed. Tomorrow is my weekly running test. I hope to make 2 minutes before having to stop. I will keep my running tests at 8kmh to stay consistent. Although I ran at 0% incline.

Because of my time delay, Mish has me weigh in on Tuesday mornings. I was down 1.6 pounds from last Wednesday.

I can't believe it! Al and I were traveling with AEIC Wed through Friday. Then Friday through Sunday we were in California with Siemens. I kept my food under control with AEIC. I even exercised. Even when I was sick Thursday morning (diarrhea and vomiting) I still walked. Friday was my chosen rest day. Saturday we walked at the PGA Pro-Am tournament. Sunday I was still not feeling well. So no exercise except walking through the airport.

Our flight on Sunday was canceled. I walked through the airport again on Monday. But did my treadmill workout when we got home.

Then I dropped Erica at piano and did my grocery shopping. Then came home and made MB Pizza. YUMMY!!! So good I had it for lunch again this morning.

I have MB carrot tabouli and hummus wrap in my lunchbox here at Erica's gymnastics. But the shallots are very strong. I think I'll wait to get home to eat it!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Test Monday

After my big Super Bowl Party I had to do my fitness test for 12wbt. It was no easy feat as I hurt...all over.

But I am not one to put something off. So a few (or a lot of) ibuprofen, I hopped on my treadmill for my timed 1k. I shaved 38 seconds off my previous runs. I couldn't believe it! Time to up my treadmill speed for my c25k runs. Apparently, I am ready!!

While I tested in beginner on EVERYTHING except plank hold, I was superbly proud of my accomplishments. I know I will improve in 4 weeks. Well, for starters I won't have done a 3 hour workout the day before! Plus I will be training harder. I will follow Michelle's workout plan to the letter. I am eager for the challenge.

I am excited to try her menus also. I am not looking forward to cooking all the time. But it is better for me than eating out everyday of the week.

Super Bowl Sunday

As we all know Super Bowl Sunday is a major junk food fest. Buffalo wings, nachos, chips & dip, chili... Well at least that's what the commercials show. I don't watch football so I usually take a hot bath and enjoy a glass of wine.

This year, Coach Nicole from SparkPeople posted a different kind of Super Bowl Party. She created a laundry list of activities to do during the game. It looked interesting so I reposted it on Facebook. My friend Ed also reposted it. I told him if he did it I would too!

So a new event was created for the Super Bowl and our Menu was very different. (see image below) We worked out for 3 hours. Every beer commercial we did our pushups. Every first down (there were 44 of them) we did our bicycle crunches. As the evening wore on it became a struggle to complete. At one point I couldn't lift my legs to do my crunches. Hubby turns to me and says, "Rox, I think your done." Oh no. Once the laughter subsided, I finished those damn crunches. Only to have the dumb team get a safety. It was an unearned safety but safety none the less. So I ended with 20 pushups. Man I hurt!

But I did not quit. And I'll be honest. I figured I'd make it to half time then call it a night. 905 calories burned that night. But more than that. I had fun! Both Al and I had fun. So much fun I plan to watch every Vikings game next fall with a modified exercise program. We'll keep the Super Bowl menu just for the Super Bowl. Just like you don't pig out at every football game...just the big one! And I have friends already asking to be included in next years Super Bowl Party! We all do it in the comfort of our own homes. But communicate via Facebook during the event.

Monday, January 28, 2013


I am loving running! Yes, I did just say that. I used to just love the feeling after I ran and hated every moment I ran.

I'm not sure how or why things have changed. But I have committed to running a 5k nonstop and seem to be well on my way to accomplishing that! I am heavier than the last two times I have used the program. But my attitude is very different. And it seems much easier this go around.

I think because I have slowed my pace and concentrated on the time aspect I have come to love the program. I do NOT start at a fast pace and slow my pace during each run. I always run at the same pace. I have increase my walking pace though. And that actually seems to make the running easier.

Tomorrow is not a running day. I hate nonrun days! I do add an additional run on Saturdays. Saturdays are my favorite run because I run for as long as I can. This past Saturday I ran 1.25k nonstop at 6.5kmph.

I am on track for my goal to run a 5k nonstop by August. I set a goal to run a 1k by March 2nd. I did that 1 1/2 weeks ago. Last Saturday I ran 1.25k. My goal is to run 1.75k by March 23rd. I think I will accomplish a 2k run on Thursday when I do my 20min run. So I am ahead of schedule for running a 5k nonstop!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My commitment

Task 4 is to Say It Out Loud!

I always have shared my exercise activities openly on Facebook. And I know that my friends love reading about what I am doing. But I have not publicly posted about the 12wbt program. I feel as though everyone will just think, Theres Roxanne doing yet another program! When I do post to Facebook this time, and I will post to my page not just my exercise groups, I am going to ask for a virtual training partner. I want someone who will check in on me daily and publicly ask me about my workouts and food. But that someone will need to be on my fitness pal because I have not found a way to post my food journal to Facebook!

I have let my family know what I am doing. And they nag me until I get my exercise done! But my husband and I will have a lengthy conversation about my goals. And we will shake on it.

All that said, I commit to complete the 12wbt program. My commitment includes following the meal plans and exercise program.

I commit to being under 200 pounds at the end of the program. To do so, I exercise 6 days a week for 60 minutes. I run c25k three days per week. I keep my fuel consumption to 1200 cal/day.

That was scary. But now that it is written following through to posting on Facebook doesn't seem so daunting.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good day/Bad day

W4D1 of C25k. Killed it! Not only did I finish all my intervals, I managed to add 30 sec of running to my last interval. I also slightly increased my speed. I also finished my workout with my bike. I pushed myself to keep my heart rate up during my bike. Not as high as my tm workout but enough to keep my HRM from beeping at me.

Today was a hungry day. I was hungry ALL day. I just couldn't get enough to eat. TTOM is to appear this weekend. So it was probably that. But next time I get the hungries I need to eat more veggies before I keep eating junk-food. Although I kept my eating in check. I could have done so much worse. And MFP journal showed only1700 cal consumed. In the past it would have been 3 times that. So the worst thing I did was eat my workout calories.

I'm still feeling good about the choices I am making overall. I could lament the extra 500 cal consumed. But I am not going to do that. I am accepting my behavior. My body apparently needed those extra carbs today. I gave them to it. Tomorrow is a another day with different needs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Task #3

Mish has us ready to Gear Up. In her video today she described for us our workout choices. Pretty self explanatory: Gym, outside or home. Since I don't want to pay for a gym membership and it is currently -40 windchill, I think I will choose the home option. One question I will have to ask is if I intend to use the tm or my bike is that a home workout or gym workout?

She gave us a list of things to purchase the be ready for the start of round 1. I am happy to announce that I do NOT need to go shopping. I am ready with my supplies to begin round 1.

Today is Sunday and I have chosen to have today as my "rest" day. So no exercise for me today. Instead, I went shopping! I bought some makeup at Sephora and phone cover at Coach and some body stuff at Bath & Body Works. So all in all a productive day. I love my new iPhone cover. It is very springy.

I am feeling very good about my progress with 12wbt. I am down 9.2 pounds. And I have lost 3.5 inches in my waist and 1.5 inches in my hips! I knew my pants were fitting better. It feels so good to be making progress. And I love to have measurements other than my scale!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My first 5k

Ok I lied. It's not my first 5k. But it is the first 5k I have completed in over 18 months!! And it felt awesome!!! And then I soak in my tub for half an hour.

I started today very sleepy. I had to run my daughter to the ortho so I didn't workout until after lunch. While I waited for my daughter I got this crazy idea that I was going to run a 1k without walking. Today! I wasn't scheduled to do that until March 2nd. But I thought, nothing ventured nothing gained. So after a 5 min warmup I began my first attempt.

After the first tenth of a k I thought maybe just half a k today. I can build from there. SHUT UP VOICE! After the first half I began to count off each tenth. I began to use VOICE to my advantage. .6 .7 .8 .9 1K!

I don't think I have ever ran a full kilometer in my life. I've always run based on minutes. But I did it. And after my 1k, I continued with my c25k program. I had decided that I was going to be on the tm for my full hour and not split my time with the bike. After the c25k program was finished I decided to keep doing intervals until a 5k was completed. I completed the 5k at 53:46. I walked at total of 5.4k in my hour on the tm.

Oh...and I burned 593 calories. And I didn't swear once. Usually when I run and am pushing myself I repeat the F word over and over and over. It's my mantra to keep going. Usually in my head but occasionally it slips out of my mouth.

And here's the real kicker...I've never run at this weight before. I have always been sub 200 when I ran in the past. To be around 220 and running better than ever feels great!

My running plan next week is to do wk 4 of c25k. But on the third day run my 1k and then do day 3 like I did this week. I'm not adding more distance to my 1k yet. I want to get comfortable with each run.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not hungry

I am finding that I am losing my appetite. And not just for junk food! I sit down to a healthy meal and after a few bites I am no longer hungry. I force myself to eat because I need the calories. Wow! I never thought I would ever utter those words!! I'm going to say them again: I force myself to eat because I need the calories.

It is 7:45 pm and I have only consumed 982 calories. I have burned 474. So at minimum I need to hit that 1200 calories and I am just NOT hungry. Although my blood sugars are dropping. I can tell because I am becoming impatient and feeling jittery. So I need calories.

I think once E is in bed I will just grab a protein shake before bed. If I need more calories after that I will have a banana or apple. I just never thought I'd ever be in this position. But I have to keep my body from going into "starvation" mode or I'll quit losing weight.

I think that was Sandie's problem. She claims she rarely ate and still gained weight. Well after years of abusing her body with food it doesn't surprise me. And quite frankly at this point in my life I don't want to end up like my MIL. She died at 63 years of age. I love you and miss you Sandie. But I do not want to end up like you!

So...even though I am not hungry I will consume calories for their nutritional benefits.

And I hope this reaction to food lasts! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

My goals for 2013

Mich asked us in task 2 to compose our goals for 12wbt. She wants goals for 12 month, 6 month, end of 12wbt. Goals need to be SMART:
Time based

And I was taught in school to write goals in the present tense.

My biggest goal is to weigh 150 pounds.

On December 31, 2013 I weigh 150 pounds.

We are asked to break the goal down to 6 month, 3 month and week by week if necessary. So here goes:
On or before October 15, 2013 I weigh 167 pounds.
On or before July 16, 2013 I weigh 185 pounds.
On or before May 3, 2013 (end of 12wbt) I weigh 200 pounds.
On or before March 23, 2013 I weigh 210 pounds.

Thats all well and good but Mich had a second step. How am I going to accomplish this goal?
I have three specific fitness goals to help me achieve my weight goal.
1) On May 3, 2013 I do 20 full pushups.
2) On or before August 1, 2013 I run 5k without walking.
3) On or before February 10, 2014 I run 10k with 75% running.

1) I have set up a week by week goal for 12wbt
wk 1 I do 10 knee pushups in a row
wk 2 3 full pushups & 10 knee pushups
wk3- 5 full & 15 knee
wk 4- 7 full & 20 knee
wk5- 8 full & 20 knee
wk 6- 10 full & 20 knee
wk 7- 12 full
wk 8- 14 full
wk 9 - 15 full
wk 10- 16 full
wk 11- 18 full
wk 12- 20 full

Achieving this goal means I get to buy a swim tether for my pool...which should be thawed by the end of round 1.

2) I have set up a goal every few weeks for this one.
On March 2, 2013 I run a 1k without walking
On March 23 I run a 1.75k without walking
On May 3 I run a 2.5 k without walking
On June 1 I run a 3k without walking
on July 1 I run a 4k without walking
On August 1 I run a 5k in under 40 min

I am currently using the couch to 5k program. I will do 3 5k runs this summer.

Achieving goal number 2 means I get a weekend at the cabin by myself. Solitude is a wonderous thing.

3) Once I have completed goal #2 I with use the couch to 10k program to complete goal 3. Using that program I will run/walk a 10k on my treadmill

Achieving this goal means I get a full spa day including mani/pedi, massage and haircut.

When I achieve my ultimate goal I am spending a week in Jamaica with my hubby and his aunt and uncle. And I can't wait to show off my new bod in a swimsuit!!

My excuses no more!

Preseason task #1 was to identify my excuses. There are 3 types of excuses as I have divided them out below. I am then to take responsibility for my excuses and find a solution before they occur. First is listed the excuse then the solution.

My body hurts - take ibuprofen
I'm too tired - exercise gives me energy
I'll do it later - JFDI
It'll take too long/I don't have time - shorten the workout some better than none JFDI
Nobody else has to work as hard as I do - I am worth the effort
I need new (fill in the blank) - I own plenty of equipment. What I have is good enough
It's too hot/cold - work out inside/outside as appropriate. Or get a day pass to local gym

I'm hungry - drink a glass of water, eat a whole food preferably veg or fruit
I'm bored - clean or work on ancestry project
I'll just have one - no you wont, remember the jeans you want to wear
Well I ruined today I'll start again tomorrow - start again at this moment, grab a healthy snack
I really want a ____ - what is my priority? Remember my goal
I'm tired of dieting - I'm not dieting this is for the rest of my life
I'm loosing weight so I can afford to eat this - success is worth repeating Don't derail your effort

the power went out - lift weights, use exercise ball
doctor/dentist/etc appt - workout before or after
I help in Es class - workout before
Injured body part - strength train limiting use of injured part
Spouse agenda when Al is at conferences - train before breakfast, get out of bed lazy bones!
traveling - workout before we leave, use hotel facilities, if schedule does not allow preplan for that to be a rest day

I'm at a dinner that the food is preplanned - limit alcohol, eat the healthy choices, watch portion size
Busy schedule - plan ahead, prepare food ahead of tim
gymnastics meets - pack healthy food, plan ahead
traveling - pack healthy snacks to have with

Family member gets ill - workout while they rest
Called out of town for a death/emergency - deal with emergency first then take a walk, exercise is a stress reducer

Think of those jeans I want to wear
New wardrobe!
A moment on the lips, forever on the hips
Stomach, you're bored not hungry, so shut up already!

I'm sure I'll think of more later. But this list has already saved my workouts. And has stopped me from putting something into my mouth I might later regret!

No More Excuses

Another great day in the Rudeck household! I scheduled my workout at 8:30 in the morning. And guess what? That is exactly what I did. Well I was a few minutes late as I was getting my laundry switched over and then had to get all of my equipment together. I couldn't find my exercise ball. I need to ask Al where it is.

But by having a schedule I got my workout done by 10:00 am. By 11:15 my laundry was almost completed, my house was dusted from top to bottom, and my floors were swept and mopped! Oh and I watched an episode of Prison Break on Netflix.

I then showered. I had lunch: a bowl of turkey wild rice soup and 16 wheat thins. I then went grocery shopping and ran to the bank. By the time that was done it was 2:30. I had an hour before E came home from school. So I watched another episode of Prison Break.

12wbt preseason has begun. We were asked to write down all of our excuses for not exercising or for what we put in our mouths. It was hard to start but once I did the pen kept flowing. But then we were challenged to respond to all those excuses. That was interesting. But it was also very helpful. Because I needed a couple of those responses today. Like when I wanted to have a third slice of pizza tonight. I just thought of the jeans in my closet that don't fit quite comfortably. I really want to wear my jeans again.

So far I have kept up with all of the challenges. Wk 1 I gave up pop. I now drink is sparingly. Today I poured myself a diet coke and nearly gagged. That has never happened. EVER!!! Wk 2 was to decrease my nonwater consumption in half. Well with diet coke gone I am now drinking 12-16 glasses of water a day! Wk 3 was 30km of exercise. Not a problem. I do way more than that! Wk 4 was to journal everything I ate. Still doing it today!

So I'm fairly certain identifying my excuses and having a response prepared will work for the long term. Thats why when I schedule my exercise I don't jus identify that I will exercise on a given day. I identify the time and what I am doing.

Tuesday: 730 am tm and bike
Wed: 830am 60 min my fitness coach on wii
thurs: 1030am tm and bike
friday: 830 60 min my fitness coach on will
Sat: 730 tm and bike
Sun: Day of rest (shoppig with the girls in the cities)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Exercise makes me sleepy

I have in the past suffered with sleeplessness at night. I often wake at 3 or 4 and cannot go back to sleep. I'll read, check fb or play on my ipad until I get tired often 5 or 6 before that happens.

Since I've started working out I am sleeping through the night. If I happen to wake, I fall back to sleep in a matter of minutes not hours. Therefore I am up earlier and to bed earlier on a regular basis. 2 1/2 weeks consitutes a regular basis.

It may also have something to do with my lack of caffeine. Since I have drastically cut my diet cokes down to 1 or two a week I am sleeping better. I used to consume over 2Ls of diet coke a day. Now it is water...water...water! And my body is constantly craving more water.

So it's 6:30 at night and I want to put my jammies on and crawl into bed. But Downton Abby is on at 8. And I just have to stay up to watch this weeks episode. So no bed until 8. Hopefully I stay awake until the end of the show. Friday night I fell asleep before Merlin was over! Hmm..I wonder if it's on OnDemand. Nope just checked. Guess I'll have to wait until fall to catch up on this episode.

Holy Shit!

So 12wbt had us journal our food for the week. I survived and will continue to do so. The Holy Shit moment was journaling my food costs for the week.

Many members were journaling just their eating out amounts. I thought this was what was meant and since I "rarely" dine out it would be a piece of cake! OMG. I spent money on dining out every day except today. My grand total for the week was $180.20. Seriously? I could save almost a thousand dollars a month by eating only at home!

Now I could argue that I don't dine out this often all the time. So...I am going to monitor this for next week also. Here's what I know I will dine out.

Monday is pizza night for the family. We eat at the local place because they have a great deal on Monday's. Friday is my lunch date with Hannah. Once a week we have lunch together. It's our time to catch up and she gets to pick the place. Saturday Hannah has another meet in the cities. That is lunch and dinner out!

So as you can see through in a Starbucks run and a fast food stop or two and I am right back up to this weeks total! It will be interesting to monitor this weekly expenditure...

Even with dining out almost everyday, I kept my calories under 1500 each day!! I can only imagine the calories I consumed when I wasn't journaling my food. I am focusing on more protein and fiber in my diet so that I am not so hungry. I have also learned that I get hungry when i am bored. So staying active is part of my food plan.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I did not want to workout today. But my daughter kept nagging me. Thank God for thoughtful daughters!  I eventually got on my bike and biked 7 miles in 30 minutes.  It felt good.  I skipped the tm as I just want to be done with the old tm.  The new one did arrive.  I am hoping Al and I can get it together tonight.  Then I can take it for a spin in the morning:)

New shoes and HRM also arrived.  So today was a busy day at the Rudeck household.  3 separate delivery trucks.  I do have to wonder sometimes what my neighbors think!  I don't think a day goes by that UPS isn't at my door.  But I am done online shopping until March.  I think my credit card is going to catch fire!  I need to let it rest.

Mich had us monitor how much we spend on food this week.  I took this to mean on take out meals and Starbucks not my grocery bill.  I was amazed when I calculated it.  I have spent $102 dollars on eating out this week.  And I will be spending more tomorrow as it is Hannah's first gymnastics meet of the season.  With traveling it will probably mean 2 meals out tomorrow!  Ugh.  Time to put an end to that habit!

This is my lunch today. Tuna melt on wheat thin bun with peas and beans. I used ingredients I'd always use. But instead of chips and dip I choose fresh veggies! Only 324 calories



Thursday, January 10, 2013

New equipment on the way!

I ran again today. It felt great.  I ran my first interval for 4 minutes.  Then did 4 more 2 minute intervals.  I had hoped to do more longer intervals.  But atlas that did not happen.  I was just gearing up to run one more 2 minute interval when my tm decided to act up again!!!  No worries tomorrow the new one arrives.

I also ordered a new HRM and a new pair of running shoes.  My Asics are almost 2 years old and in dire need of replacing.  I found a funky pair on Amazon.  The arrive on Saturday with my new HRM.

My old Polar FT7 was fabulous. But then the batteries died. Then then finding batteries was a challange. And by the time I found them I'd misplaced either the watch or strap. And with the move last year I cannot find either. I bought a cheap on last spring but it doesn't have a strap. It is not accurate and I don't like the functionality. I figured time to start fresh!


I am going to love these items!

So I figure out how to add a picture from the net.  But now I just need to learn how to scale them.  These pictures are monstrously large!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Run, Forest, Run!

I ran today.  I ran for a total of 10 minutes.  Not all at once mind you.  I ran in two minute increments.  And it felt wonderful!  I've forgotten how good I feel after running.  There is no feeling on earth that equates.  I understand how people can love the sport of running.

Now mind you.  Don't go accusing me of loving to run.  I love how I feel after I run.  I hate running.  Ok.  Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  At least for today it was.  I actually felt great while I ran.  And I looked forward to each interval.  I ran 2 then walked 3.  I repeated these intervals 5 times.  I think I may do it again tomorrow.  Maybe even go for 2.5 minute running intervals....or go for more intervals.  Maybe I should stick with 2 min intervals as they were doable and I should just add more intervals tomorrow.

That all depends on how my body is feeling.  I am very sore tonight.  A very good sore.  But sore none the less.  I could always dose up on vitamin I (ibuprofen) before the run...  I have options.  The one option that does not exist is doing nothing.  That is no longer an option.

In fact, I think I need to find more to do in my day.  Exercising has gotten me off my butt in more ways than one.  I now get my chores and errands done early.  I have dinner planned out and prepared.  I find I have more time on my hands.

Now, I could clean my house more.  And yes it does need it.  But I need to pace myself.  Just like this program.  One habit at a time.  If I go full blown Flylady on my home I'll burn myself out again.  so I do my chores as they are planned each day.  But I may need to add more.

I am think I also need to get to work on my family tree. 

I had two goals this fall.  I wanted to get into shape and I wanted to work on my family tree.  Sandie's illness sidetracked both.  But now I have started to workout again.  I can feel my body changing.  And in taking the time to workout I have found I have more time on my hands.  And napping is no longer needed!

So time to hit goal number two from this fall.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am changing!

Today I procrastinated cleaning by exercising.  I'm still in awe that these are the choices I am making. When I went to help in E's kindergarten class I had to park a fair distance away from the school.  I didn't even go through the close parking lot twice.  I just parked and walked to the school.  And I felt good about it!

After lunch today I became hungry and wanted every piece of junk food I laid my eyes on.  So I made a deal with myself.  If after eating a hard boiled egg and a carrot and drinking 2 cups of water I was still hungry I could have some Pringles.  Well after eating my healthy choices and drinking my water I was still hungry.  So I ate the Pringles.  But I enjoyed my Pringles.  I ate them one by one.  I didn't inhale them.

Tonight for dinner E wanted to go to McDonald's.  I had McDonald's Southwest grilled chicken salad for lunch so didn't want a salad for dinner.  I had a classic grilled chicken sandwich with the mayo.  I ate the chicken and barely ate any the bun.  I also ordered a side salad instead of fries.  E helped me with my salad.  I did have a diet coke with dinner.  Sadly, I didn't enjoy the diet coke.  It just didn't taste good.  But I had already had 12 cups of water today.  And will probably have more water before going to bed tonight.  I am trying to occasionally have a diet coke.  In the past I have gone cold turkey when giving up my diet pop.  Then I would months later have one and I was back to full blown addiction.  It's my hope that by having one or two every couple of weeks that I don't go back to my old habits.

My workout today was great.  I even ran for 1 minute on the tm.  I am looking forward to getting started on c25k.  And that may happen sooner rather than later.  I bought some belt lubricant for the tm.  I'm hoping it helps to keep the belt from skipping and then overheating.  I'll try it out tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am going to do w1d2 of c25k.  I'm hoping the tm doesn't overheat! Then when I am done with the tm I will hop on the bike for 30 minutes.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Be careful what you ask for!

So last night I decide that I am going to only do what 12wbt tells me to do.  That meant I was not going to journal unless instructed to do so.  Right after I post my blog I go to 12wbt sight and guess what this weeks challenge is?  Journal your food!

I swear it was like Michelle was reading my mind!  But as I said last night, she knows how to do this process and I promised to follow along.  So back to journaling today :)

I've had a very productive day.  My household chores are all completed (last load of laundry is in the wash).  I got ahold of Disney to get the label they promised so that I could return Erica's dress so they can remove the (insert explicative) ink tag!  I managed to get the label and the dress shipped off today.  Hannah and I went to Olive Garden and had Soup, Salad and Breadsticks for lunch.  I love OG Minestrone soup.  I limited myself to one breadstick.  But that was easy because they were overcooked and over garliced today.  I did have a couple helpings of salad but they were not heavy on dressing today so very healthy. 

My workout consisted of 30 min bike ride (7.33 miles) and 15 min tm (.7 miles).  So 8 miles done toward my 30k goal this week.  I love the bike/tm combo.  I would have done 30 min tm but Hannah wanted to go out to lunch.  And I had grocery shopping to do.  So we did it together.

Tonight is pizza night in town.  Erica has dance class and it is next to Eskomo Pizza Pies.  And Monday nights they have $13.00 for an 18" peperoni/cheese pizza.  So it has become tradition for Monday night to be pizza night.  But I will drink lots of water and limit myself to one piece.  I'll have some fruit or veggies before going for pizza.

Mia also has a cheering gig at the basketball game tonight.  I'm pretty sure I can manage not to buy snacks.  But those sugar suckers (as E calls them) are so very yummy.  I'll see if I can find calorie info on them.  If I indulge in anything it will be a sucker.  And it can't be too many calories.  Empty calories but I can live with that.

Tomorrow I help out in E's kindergarten room in the morning.  I'll get my household chores done before going.  I can do my workout after lunch.

I think my tm should arrive maybe Friday.  Hopefully Al and I can get it put together over the weekend and I can start c25k again.  I really want to do some 5k this again this season.  And I am seriously contemplating registering for the Irongirl Duathlon again this fall.  But only if we aren't traveling that week.  If it's the weekend after we travel then I it would be possible.  But just thinking about it at this point.

Kathy and I are kicking around the idea of a trip to the UK this year.  Ireland, Scotland and England in one trip.  I think it would be fun.  But have to wait to see what the finances look like first.  But I can put together a trip itinerary and get costs.  It sure would be fun!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

If exercise is so good for me and I feel so great afterwards...why do I avoid it like the plague?

So Thursday I set a goal of 31 days of exercising in January.  On Friday I fail to motivate to exercise.  I knew once I set that goal I would fail.  Primarily because there is no room for error.  I either do 31 day or I don't.  I can't make up a day of exercise.  I gotta quit setting these types of goals.

And without exercising I ate horribly too!  While I did drink water all day, I did not drink the amount of water my body has become accustomed too.  So I ate. 

Saturday I got back on the horse.  I biked for 30 minutes and walked for 15.  Ate so-so.  But drank like a banshee last night.

The Viking and the Packers faced off again last night in the playoffs.  So Al, Mom and I went to the Rendevous to watch the game (and see Donald).  Al and I consumed two pitchers of beer (more me than him) and I had two shots of Krugy with Mom.

Yes I said my mom did two shots last night!  The irony is she didn't realize she was doing shots because they weren't in a shot glass.  They came in the sperm looking thing.  And I'm not kidding when I say that.  It's a vanilla and carmel flavored liqueur that went down quit easily.  Even when I had pointed out the 15% alcohol Mom didn't realize what she was drinking.  Leave it to Uncle D to get my mom drunk!


Today I got up and drank 4 glasses of water straight away.  I took my vitamins.  Ate breakfast and then drank 2L of carbonated water (love my soda stream!).  After lunch, I finally motivated to get up and exercise.  I biked for 30 minutes then walked for 30 minutes.

Yes, I walked on the treadmill.  I walked at 2.5/2.0 miles per hour so the blasted thing didn't overheat.  And it worked.  It just felt good to walk for a while.  Besides I wanted to finish my episode of Prison Break before stopping.

I have limited myself to only watching Prison Break while I am exercising.  I can get so wrapped up in a program on Netflix that it consumes my days until it is finished.  I'm not allowing myself to do that this time.  Prison Break is my exercise buddy.  Each episode is 45 minutes in length.  It is the perfect companion on the bike/tm.  It should last me through January and most of February.  Then I'll be on the lookout for a new (exercise) series to watch!

This week I started to journal food again.  And of course I get so wrapped up in not eating calories that I get hungry and eventually breakdown.  I'm back to not watching my food until the told to do so in 12wbt.  I need to work this program how it was designed to work.  Michelle knows what she is doing.  The program has worked for TONS of people.  Who am I to second guess it.  I need to take this slow so the process becomes permanent.  And so far each challenge has worked.  I have not picked up my diet cola addiction.  Though I do have one occasionally.  I drink mainly water everyday.  An occasionally tea at breakfast or in the afternoon.  I will continue to exercise 30k every week.  It's an easy number to achieve with my bike.  One week I will set out to do it on the tm but not until the new one arrives.

Tomorrow challenge #4 is unveiled.  I am actually looking forward to learning what it is.  I know I can do it whatever it is.  I can because I have smashed the other challenges.  Until then...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

31 days of Exercise in January

Wednesday night:
I'm sitting at dance typing on my ipad. Life is good. I have tomorrow's plan already prepared. Should be a very productive day.

I'm going to attempt to make pasta on Thursday. I got a pasta roller and drying rack for Christmas from Al. I want to make ravioli this weekend but thought it would be fun to make some speghetti noodles tomorrow.

We made ravioli a couple years ago and making the pasta was such a big mess I haven't wanted to attempt it again. The girls loved the homemade ravioli and have been begging for it again. It's my hope that having the proper tools will make it easier and less messy! We'll see. all we can do is try.

30 minutes on bike 7.5 miles! 15 minutes on tready .75 miles. 5 minutes of stretching :) All showered and feeling good!

All my chores are done except vacuuming. I hate vacuuming. But I will get that done before the girls get home from school.

I ran to Target this morning to pick up a few necessities for the home. I love Target at 8am. I grab a cup of Starbuck's carmel Macchiato and wander the isles. No kids begging for this or that. Parking is a breeze. Store isn't crowded and lines are short to non-existant.

Came home and unloaded everything. One negetive of no kids shopping means no kids unloading and putting away. But that's ok; means more work(out) for me! Then swept the floors. I changed the laundry over (oops time to do that again). And I cleaned out the drain in our slow draining tub/shower (GROSS!!!). I prepared lunch: chicken tortilla soup and toast. I talked to my mom for a bit :). Then I worked out!

Sandie's bike is nothing fancy but it does the job. I love that it is placed right next to the garage door. Very cool this time of year!!! In the summer, I'll open the garage door and it will be like working out outside! :/ The neighbors could then see me workout. hmmm, I'll need to think on that one!

Got notice that my new tready has shipping! I cannot wait for my first run on it! I'm going to wait to start the c25k program until it has arrived. I get too frustrated when the treadmill shuts down in the middle of my workout. My plan for now is to only use the tready for 15min at a time so it doesn't shutoff on me!

I started journaling my food again using My Fitness Pal. Journaling food always helps prevent me from eating horribly. Though to be honest, if I eat horribly I just don't journal :) And for now, I'm journaling in preparation of Feb 10th. I am really focusing on the challenges now and the tasks during preseason. I want 12wbt to work for me. So I need to follow the program and not get too ahead of myself.

Tomorrow's workout plan: wii fit dvd I bought, 30 minutes on bike and if I feel like it 15 min on treadmill.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing is gonna stop me!

I may have gotten frustrated yesterday with the treadmill. So frustrated I ordered a new treadmill! 3 weeks before it arrives but I can enjoy having something to look forward to.

I finally put batteries in Sandie's bike and got it running. It wasn't very stable so Al put a mouse trap (yuck) under one leg to keep it from wobbling. Hey not about to let a little wobble stop me now! So I was able to finish my goal last night and get a full 3.1 miles in yesterday.

Today I plan to walk 2 miles and bike 5 miles. Hopefully my treadmill will let me walk two miles without powering down. But if it does, I will hop on the bike while it cools down. If I have to hop back and forth.

Good thing I had a plan. Treadmill quit after .75 miles! So I just hopped on the bike. I biked 7 miles. So my total today is 7.75 miles. I have 3 miles left in this weeks challenge. I think tomorrow I will just hop on the bike and knock it out. I may not hop on the treadmill until the new one arrives. It's quite frustrating to have to tread come to a sudden halt.

I don't get why Al was able to run this morning without it stopping. I get on and 15 minutes later it stops. GRRR!!

Plans for the rest of today include cleaning the bathrooms, finishing laundry, running to AT&T to get Mia's phone fixed, and then to Walmart to exchange Erica's outfit she bought for her doll, then make pasta this afternoon. Busy day!

So my plan tomorrow is bike my remaining miles and then I am going to use the Wii exercise game I bought before Christmas.

The girls head back to school tomorrow. Except Hannah she's off till the 14th. Should be quiet around the house again.


Ran our errands then took the girls to lunch. Its fun to hang out with my girls. We talked about things that are coming up. What our summer trip will look like. Mia's never happy with what we all want to do. Hannah would like Mia to stay home so Grandma Mary can come with to Califoria. We talked out our trip Phoenix next winter. Both girls were actually ok with that trip as long as we fly and don't drive :)

Came home and folded two loads of laundry. Now I have to put them away. Then changed the sheets on Erica's bed and helped her clean her room. I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I still have the upstairs bathroom to do. That will only take a few minutes. Can't make pasta today because I remembered Erica has dance tonight. Gotta leave in two hours for that.

I love Es Wed night dance class. The moms are a lot of fun to talk with. And E is learning so much in that dance class. I don't care for her Monday night class. They just screw around in the class and the moms don't visit :( I'm hoping the girls from Wed nights class can dance together next year too! And I will get E into two nights a week at Madill's studio next year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best laid plans...

So I finally stop procrastinating...

Treadmill quit on me twice! It has never once done that to me in the years we have used it (10+). First it shut down after 18 minutes of use. Figured out how to get it going again just to have it stop 7 minutes later. I'm not even sure how far I got on the damn thing! But I am crediting myself with 2 miles.

I started the c25k program. I made it through all of my run cycles. But getting 11.6 more miles in this week is going to be tougher than anticipated if I can't count on my treadmill. I need to get batteries in my bike and give that a try. I am anticipating frustration from the bike because the seat doesn't tighten so it slides back and forth. I may be able to prevent the sliding be figuring out me seat setting then placing the back against the garage door.

I've decided God is just giving me extra challenges now so that when 12wbt officially starts I'll have no excuses!

For now...I am going to take a shower and have a bowl of homemade beef stew before tackling my laundry. Then my husband and I can look at our equipment this evening and decide what needs to be done. Maybe its time for a new treadmill. It was used when we bought it. I'm going to start looking.

Trying to procrastinate!

I am desperately trying to procrastinate my very first workout of the new year! It is 2:45 pm and I have run to the store, cleaned the house, and gone to a movie with my youngest and my oldest. And here I sit...Wait I have laundry to do! Better go switch over my loads :)

Let's see I have 13.6 miles left to do in this weeks challenge. I think I will be a 5k on the tredmill today. That will bring my total down to 10.5 miles. Plus I want to start training to run 5k again. My goal this summer is to run in 3 5k runs and to finish under 40 minutes. I can do this! But only if I get off my butt!!!

It doesn't help the Erica just crawled onto the air of the chair and is cuddling with me. I love my Ebear cuddles. Toffee is at my feet and Erica is snuggling on my shoulder. I couldn't be happier. Well, I will be after I exercise.

But first I need to print off the C25k program. I have an app for my iphone but it uses time and not distance. since I've completed the c25k program app at least twice I think I will use the distance and see how that works. Plus, I hope I switch my treadmill from miles to meters. I'm pretty sure I can.

I've warmed the garage up. That's where all my equipment now is located. When our cabin/garage is completed most of the "stuff" in my garage will be moved to the cabin. Then Al will set up my home gym in the garage. I'm able to get Netflix while I am on the bike or treadmill so that will entertain me. When I have more room I will be able to set my weights up in there. And my aunt Sue has a home gym machine for me. I can't wait.

Now, I am procrastinating going out to the garage because Al is out there. Not sure why that is stopping me. But as I said I am working hard at procrasting. :0

Challenge #3

I woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't sleep so I check 12wbt forums to see if this weeks challenge was posted.


30k this week translates to 18.6 miles of exercise.  At first this seemed daunting. Particularly in the wee hours of the morning.  But then I realized that a good bike ride would knock that out.  Too bad it's only 10 degrees or so outside this time of year :(  

I had thought I would skip a workout at the hotel this morning and get some more sleep.  But I didn't want the challenge to get away from me.  So at 7:30 I climbed out of bed,  put on my workout clothes and went to the fitness center in the hotel.

Since I didn't have much time, I hoped on the bike and peddled 5 miles in 30 minutes.  So only 13.6 miles left in this weeks challenge.  I will be using my treadmill at home.  Think I'll  even start couch to 5k back up.  Plan to run a few 5ks again this summer!  I'd even like to break 40minutes for my 5k.

I also will get the stationary bike Al's mom gave me up and running.  I want to keep biking through the winter.  I may even do another duathlon this year.  If not 2013 then definitely 2014.

I'm eager to plan my trip when I reach my goal weight.  I'm going to start looking right now.  I want somewhere warm and lots of sunshine for a winter break in 2014.  I think I am also going to talk to Sue and let her know what may be ahead.  I know she wants to loose weight and get healthy too.  Perhaps this will be the motivation she needs to jump start.

We both promised to quit making excuses once Sandie passed away.  Well my mother-in-law is no longer with us.  And neither of us has the excuse that taking care of her and watching her die was too stressful to change our bad habits anymore.  I will do this by myself but would love to have  a partner in crime come along with me :)

My plan for working out this week:
3 days of C25k
walk on treadmill in between  making sure I hit 18.6 miles total
get bike up and running and bike at least once

Miles total for week: 5 (8km)
Total remaining: 13.6 (22km)