Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am changing!

Today I procrastinated cleaning by exercising.  I'm still in awe that these are the choices I am making. When I went to help in E's kindergarten class I had to park a fair distance away from the school.  I didn't even go through the close parking lot twice.  I just parked and walked to the school.  And I felt good about it!

After lunch today I became hungry and wanted every piece of junk food I laid my eyes on.  So I made a deal with myself.  If after eating a hard boiled egg and a carrot and drinking 2 cups of water I was still hungry I could have some Pringles.  Well after eating my healthy choices and drinking my water I was still hungry.  So I ate the Pringles.  But I enjoyed my Pringles.  I ate them one by one.  I didn't inhale them.

Tonight for dinner E wanted to go to McDonald's.  I had McDonald's Southwest grilled chicken salad for lunch so didn't want a salad for dinner.  I had a classic grilled chicken sandwich with the mayo.  I ate the chicken and barely ate any the bun.  I also ordered a side salad instead of fries.  E helped me with my salad.  I did have a diet coke with dinner.  Sadly, I didn't enjoy the diet coke.  It just didn't taste good.  But I had already had 12 cups of water today.  And will probably have more water before going to bed tonight.  I am trying to occasionally have a diet coke.  In the past I have gone cold turkey when giving up my diet pop.  Then I would months later have one and I was back to full blown addiction.  It's my hope that by having one or two every couple of weeks that I don't go back to my old habits.

My workout today was great.  I even ran for 1 minute on the tm.  I am looking forward to getting started on c25k.  And that may happen sooner rather than later.  I bought some belt lubricant for the tm.  I'm hoping it helps to keep the belt from skipping and then overheating.  I'll try it out tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am going to do w1d2 of c25k.  I'm hoping the tm doesn't overheat! Then when I am done with the tm I will hop on the bike for 30 minutes.

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