Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 1- Just the beginning

Monday was Cardio day. L2R plan was to run 30 sec walk 90 sec. I am way beyond that! So I increased my speed from 6.5kmh to 8kmh. I was originally going to stick with c25k until week 9 was completed. But I figured to start with l2r and increase my speed was probably more appropriate. Particularly since Mish designates speeds to run at. And my 6.5kmh is not anywhere near her speed designations. I am also now running at 1% incline. It is my hope to get the incline up to 2%.

I did do one alteration to the program. I ran for 60 sec and walked 90 sec. I really worked myself to run that 60 sec repeatedly. Last week I was able to run 8kmh for 62 seconds before decreasing my speed. Tomorrow is my weekly running test. I hope to make 2 minutes before having to stop. I will keep my running tests at 8kmh to stay consistent. Although I ran at 0% incline.

Because of my time delay, Mish has me weigh in on Tuesday mornings. I was down 1.6 pounds from last Wednesday.

I can't believe it! Al and I were traveling with AEIC Wed through Friday. Then Friday through Sunday we were in California with Siemens. I kept my food under control with AEIC. I even exercised. Even when I was sick Thursday morning (diarrhea and vomiting) I still walked. Friday was my chosen rest day. Saturday we walked at the PGA Pro-Am tournament. Sunday I was still not feeling well. So no exercise except walking through the airport.

Our flight on Sunday was canceled. I walked through the airport again on Monday. But did my treadmill workout when we got home.

Then I dropped Erica at piano and did my grocery shopping. Then came home and made MB Pizza. YUMMY!!! So good I had it for lunch again this morning.

I have MB carrot tabouli and hummus wrap in my lunchbox here at Erica's gymnastics. But the shallots are very strong. I think I'll wait to get home to eat it!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Test Monday

After my big Super Bowl Party I had to do my fitness test for 12wbt. It was no easy feat as I hurt...all over.

But I am not one to put something off. So a few (or a lot of) ibuprofen, I hopped on my treadmill for my timed 1k. I shaved 38 seconds off my previous runs. I couldn't believe it! Time to up my treadmill speed for my c25k runs. Apparently, I am ready!!

While I tested in beginner on EVERYTHING except plank hold, I was superbly proud of my accomplishments. I know I will improve in 4 weeks. Well, for starters I won't have done a 3 hour workout the day before! Plus I will be training harder. I will follow Michelle's workout plan to the letter. I am eager for the challenge.

I am excited to try her menus also. I am not looking forward to cooking all the time. But it is better for me than eating out everyday of the week.

Super Bowl Sunday

As we all know Super Bowl Sunday is a major junk food fest. Buffalo wings, nachos, chips & dip, chili... Well at least that's what the commercials show. I don't watch football so I usually take a hot bath and enjoy a glass of wine.

This year, Coach Nicole from SparkPeople posted a different kind of Super Bowl Party. She created a laundry list of activities to do during the game. It looked interesting so I reposted it on Facebook. My friend Ed also reposted it. I told him if he did it I would too!

So a new event was created for the Super Bowl and our Menu was very different. (see image below) We worked out for 3 hours. Every beer commercial we did our pushups. Every first down (there were 44 of them) we did our bicycle crunches. As the evening wore on it became a struggle to complete. At one point I couldn't lift my legs to do my crunches. Hubby turns to me and says, "Rox, I think your done." Oh no. Once the laughter subsided, I finished those damn crunches. Only to have the dumb team get a safety. It was an unearned safety but safety none the less. So I ended with 20 pushups. Man I hurt!

But I did not quit. And I'll be honest. I figured I'd make it to half time then call it a night. 905 calories burned that night. But more than that. I had fun! Both Al and I had fun. So much fun I plan to watch every Vikings game next fall with a modified exercise program. We'll keep the Super Bowl menu just for the Super Bowl. Just like you don't pig out at every football game...just the big one! And I have friends already asking to be included in next years Super Bowl Party! We all do it in the comfort of our own homes. But communicate via Facebook during the event.