Thursday, January 10, 2013

New equipment on the way!

I ran again today. It felt great.  I ran my first interval for 4 minutes.  Then did 4 more 2 minute intervals.  I had hoped to do more longer intervals.  But atlas that did not happen.  I was just gearing up to run one more 2 minute interval when my tm decided to act up again!!!  No worries tomorrow the new one arrives.

I also ordered a new HRM and a new pair of running shoes.  My Asics are almost 2 years old and in dire need of replacing.  I found a funky pair on Amazon.  The arrive on Saturday with my new HRM.

My old Polar FT7 was fabulous. But then the batteries died. Then then finding batteries was a challange. And by the time I found them I'd misplaced either the watch or strap. And with the move last year I cannot find either. I bought a cheap on last spring but it doesn't have a strap. It is not accurate and I don't like the functionality. I figured time to start fresh!


I am going to love these items!

So I figure out how to add a picture from the net.  But now I just need to learn how to scale them.  These pictures are monstrously large!

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