Monday, January 14, 2013

My excuses no more!

Preseason task #1 was to identify my excuses. There are 3 types of excuses as I have divided them out below. I am then to take responsibility for my excuses and find a solution before they occur. First is listed the excuse then the solution.

My body hurts - take ibuprofen
I'm too tired - exercise gives me energy
I'll do it later - JFDI
It'll take too long/I don't have time - shorten the workout some better than none JFDI
Nobody else has to work as hard as I do - I am worth the effort
I need new (fill in the blank) - I own plenty of equipment. What I have is good enough
It's too hot/cold - work out inside/outside as appropriate. Or get a day pass to local gym

I'm hungry - drink a glass of water, eat a whole food preferably veg or fruit
I'm bored - clean or work on ancestry project
I'll just have one - no you wont, remember the jeans you want to wear
Well I ruined today I'll start again tomorrow - start again at this moment, grab a healthy snack
I really want a ____ - what is my priority? Remember my goal
I'm tired of dieting - I'm not dieting this is for the rest of my life
I'm loosing weight so I can afford to eat this - success is worth repeating Don't derail your effort

the power went out - lift weights, use exercise ball
doctor/dentist/etc appt - workout before or after
I help in Es class - workout before
Injured body part - strength train limiting use of injured part
Spouse agenda when Al is at conferences - train before breakfast, get out of bed lazy bones!
traveling - workout before we leave, use hotel facilities, if schedule does not allow preplan for that to be a rest day

I'm at a dinner that the food is preplanned - limit alcohol, eat the healthy choices, watch portion size
Busy schedule - plan ahead, prepare food ahead of tim
gymnastics meets - pack healthy food, plan ahead
traveling - pack healthy snacks to have with

Family member gets ill - workout while they rest
Called out of town for a death/emergency - deal with emergency first then take a walk, exercise is a stress reducer

Think of those jeans I want to wear
New wardrobe!
A moment on the lips, forever on the hips
Stomach, you're bored not hungry, so shut up already!

I'm sure I'll think of more later. But this list has already saved my workouts. And has stopped me from putting something into my mouth I might later regret!

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