Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Test Monday

After my big Super Bowl Party I had to do my fitness test for 12wbt. It was no easy feat as I hurt...all over.

But I am not one to put something off. So a few (or a lot of) ibuprofen, I hopped on my treadmill for my timed 1k. I shaved 38 seconds off my previous runs. I couldn't believe it! Time to up my treadmill speed for my c25k runs. Apparently, I am ready!!

While I tested in beginner on EVERYTHING except plank hold, I was superbly proud of my accomplishments. I know I will improve in 4 weeks. Well, for starters I won't have done a 3 hour workout the day before! Plus I will be training harder. I will follow Michelle's workout plan to the letter. I am eager for the challenge.

I am excited to try her menus also. I am not looking forward to cooking all the time. But it is better for me than eating out everyday of the week.

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