Sunday, October 31, 2010

November week 1 workout schedule

Monday: Body by Mercedes Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: step, kettlebells
Thursday: pilates
friday: bike, weights
Saturday: treading
Sunday: 2 mile run
stretch everyday

My goal is to do 250 minutes of exercise this week. I have 300 minutes of exercise scheduled for the week.  If all goes as planned, I will be well on my way to completing my November goal of 1000 minutes of exercise. 

I am not feeling well today, but that will not keep me from starting tomorrow.  Resting today so that I can workout tomorrow.  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October has been a bust...

I have had a very hard time working out for the month of October.  The scale agrees!  I have been searching for my next adventure and just haven't found one that motivates me.  Next summer is so far away that it is difficult to motivate for the triathlon in July or the Du in September.  I am even looking into a military 10K next fall and possibly doing the Susan Komen 3 day walk next year.  But none of these activities has motivated me to work out.  What to do?

Yesterday, I finally made it to Barnes and Noble and purchased a work out journal.  writing things down works wonders for me.  I have a food journal that has space for exercise, but I wanted a journal that focused on exercise with a space for food.  I don't want to focus on food.  I can loose a lot of weight by journaling my food.  But I really want to be healthier because I am exercising not because I am limiting calories.  So I wanted a journal for exercising.  I know there are plenty online.  And I am a gadget girl at heart.  But when it comes to health, I do much better with pen and paper.

This journal has had me do a fitness test and evaluate my starting point.  But it also talks about setting goals.  It talks about setting specific goals and not weight related goals.  So, now what?  This exercise was difficult for me.  But I decided to set a short term goal for November.  I am much more likely to work out if I worked out yesterday.  What I am saying is that 3 days a week doesn't cut it for me.  I need to work out everyday if I am going to beat the Lazies.  But I am realistic and know that I can't possibly make 30 out of 30 days for the month.  Once I missed a day, I'd have failed for the month.  So my November goal is 2 parts.  First how many days I will exercise: 26 out of 30.  But also how many minutes total for the month: 1000.  See, I might not make the first part, but could still make the second or vice versa.  Or make both parts of the goal for a super de duper month! 

This goal has me very motivated.  It is only one month so by December 1st I'll need a new goal, but I'll work on that one the closer we get to December.  For now, October is almost over and I am looking forward to a new month and my new adventure.  1000 minutes, that's 35 minutes a day if I work out every day.  I've given myself 4 days off, which means I need to average almost 40 minutes each day.  I know some days will be more than that and some less.  But now I have a means of tracking my success.