Thursday, May 16, 2013


ugh!  it started this morning about 10:00.  I HAD to have a donut from Walmart.  I threw the rest away as soon as I got home!  But from there it went all down hill!  Must be about a week from TTOM!  Wish I thought of that earlier...  I don't feel so very guilty anymore.  Every month I deal with this eating frenzy.  I have never been able to conquer it.  But I also know that in the grand scheme of things my "diet" is not destroyed by it.  

Had a great workout this morning.  I brought my stuff out onto the deck.  Toffee hung out with me.  Neyo even visited.  She sat with one paw outside the door for awhile.  So 4 days of 12wbt and I love these workouts.  

Tomorrow and Saturday will be a challenge.  Tomorrow I am driving Hannah to Saint Cloud to tour her first college.  I guess technically her second college since she currently attends LSC.  But she never toured LSC.  And she is technically a high school student.  But with the drive there and back most of the day will be dedicated to her tour. Do I get up and workout before going?  I am NOT a morning person.

Saturday, I am going to Mia's track meet in Stillwater.  That is also a 2 1/2 hour drive one way.  But at the track meet I figure I can find time to do my workout.  But...Do I want to wear my workout clothes all day? 

I also have my squats to do both days.  But I will get both days done. Because I DO NOT have time on Sunday to do a workout!  The little one has her dance recital on Sunday.  Plus Sunday is cheerleading day.  So very busy.

I always seem to be busiest on the weekends.  I am never able to do my shopping or big cookups on the weekend.  But I am learning to just plan for my grocery shopping day on Monday.  12wbt is designed for what works for the majority of people.  But I am sure everyone has to make some sort of adjustment to the program to fit their schedule.

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