Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Adventure Day Two

Day two of vacation and day two working out!  Yesterday we went to the hotels fitness center.  The equipment each had its own problem but I didnt let that stop me.  The treadmill I was on would not start.  So I unplugged it and tried again.  No avail!  So I went on the stationary bike.  45 minutes of peddling while I watched Prison Break on Netflix (the TV on the bike didn't work.)  As we were working out an employee of the hotel came in and we notified him of the issues.

Today we were looking forward to another workout.  But the equipment hadn't been repaired.  I took the treadmill that worked and Al took the elliptical machine.  45 minute workout.  Increased speed every 5 minutes.  Even ran twice for 1 min and 1 1/2 minutes.  It hurt my ankles.  I think I need to invest in a new pair of running shoes!  I have never run at this weight either.  But I am not going to let that stop me.  I love how I feel after I run.  I need to focus on that.

Im now out at the pool soaking up some Florida rays.  72 degrees, overcast and breezy but it sure beats the 16 degrees back home :)

This evening is Heidi's wedding so plenty of food and alcohol tonight.  It's all about choices and priorities.  Tonights priority is enjoying friends.  Today I am focusing on water consumption.  When I finish this bottle of water that will be 9 (8oz) glasses of water.  I'll get at least one more bottle in before the wedding.  And will have water during the evening so as not to get toooo inebriated.  After all Al's CEO and board of directors are at this wedding.  It's not a work function but still...

Tomorrow we are going to Epcot for the day.  I'm thinking no workout because we will get plenty of walking in during the day.  Our flight on Monday is at noon.  It's an hour and half drive plus we need to return our car and check in before the flight.  I'm thinking we need to leave about 8:00 or 8:30.  If I pack the night before I can get up early and get a 30 minute treadmill/bike workout before we leave.  Exercise becomes addicting once I start.  I just need to get off my keester  and do it!  It helps if I watch a good program on Netflix.  I get engaged in the program and don't watch the clock on the equipment.

Friday, December 28, 2012

New year...New ADVENTURE

I've been down this path many times.  The weight has come back on.  I'd like to start with a clean slate but to do so I need to explain the last year.

Sandie (for those who don't know is my mother-in-law) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past summer.  She hid many of her medical issues from the family.  Sadly, I feel I may be to blame for that as I discouraged her from focusing on the negative with me.  As she was at some sort of medical doctor/treatment weekly, I didn't want to hear it.

In July, I took over taking her to her appointments.  At first she was upset because she preferred her PCA (personal care assistant) to drive her around and attend her appointments.  but when things became serious I felt family needed to be involved and stepped in.  We found out she had pancreatic cancer.  Finding a doctor willing to use the treatment plan she wanted proved harder that we thought. We nearly lost her in August but were able to get her treatments started and she moved into a nursing home.  All her/our efforts gave her more time but we still lost her on Halloween.  I am stating all of this because the amount of stress having someones life depend on you is enormous.  I deal with stress by eating and sleeping.  And so I did.

My weight is at 227.4 pounds.  Not my altime highest but close!  Shortly before Christmas I enrolled in a new program Michell Bridges 12 week body toning (12wbt).  The program actually starts February10th.  We are currently in the warm up phase and in two weeks with begin preseason.  I like this slow start because I can focus on one little thing at a time.  This week I am cutting my nonwater drinks in half.  Well to be honest I am now consuming mostly if not all water.  2 1/2 days without a diet coke.  Broke down today and have a bottle in front of me.  But it will last till monday I am guessing.

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in St. Augustine, Fl.  Hubby and I have a wedding to attend.  But festivities don't start until 6:30 tonight.  So when I am done here we are heading to the fitness center.  I can't even remember the last time I worked out.  I am looking forward to getting a good sweat on!

Oh, my adventure this time is based in Australia.  It seems strange to participate in a program half a world away but I think it may just work.  So if I begin to speak like an Aussie you just might understand.  And I may just start using the metric system of measurements.

My reward for making goal weight...A week in the carribean with my hubby and possibly his aunt and uncle.  They just don't it yet.  Whats my goal? 150.  I cqn do this!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doing better

My legs are much better today. I did yoga last night and that seemed to help. Still stiff and sore this morning, but this evening almost pain free. I even walked on the treadmill for 45 mintues today. I did 40 minutes with my heart rate at approx 150 bpm. I was exerting myself but was at a pace I could sustain for an even longer period. I had to pick up the girls or I would have done a full hour of walking. 3.5 mph at 1.5% incline (lowest incline on my treadmill). I figured out why I couldn't do my intervals on Sunday. The treadmill did not lower completely. I figured it was stuck at a higher setting but couldn't get it to go down. Today I played with the damn thing and finally got it lowered! I am feeling really good tonight. I am loaded with energy and ready to take on the world. Except that now I am about to spend 3 hours driving to and from Grand Rapids so that my children my go to Religious Ed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Legs hurt

Yesterday, I had my third PT session. Mike started with legs and boy did they burn! Step ups on a 24" step. Can you say OUCH? Then it was leg extentions, hip abductors, dead lifts and to finish the ATM machine. What is an ATM machine you ask? It's a cross between a stepper and elliptical machine. I did my intervals on the ATM machine. I got dizzy so we had to slow down. Instead of a 60 second rest I did 90-120 sec rest. Mike said my heart rate should drop 20 counts during my rest period before attempting another interval. But never was not finishing the intervals a possibility. Mike pushed me through it. Again, I say the cost of PT pays off. I attempted intervals at home on Sunday and quit after 2.5 sprints. My body just couldn't do it. But I was only allowing 60 sec rest periods. Today my quads hurt like when I climbed Camelback in AZ. I cannot climb up or down stairs without pain. Going to the bathroom is again painful! Sitting down is a bitch. But I also know, this pain is temporary. I am noticing that I am getting lightheaded, dizzy and drowzy after some meals. I am going to have to start marking the meals this happens with so that I can figure out what is causing it. It doesn't happen everytime, but often enough that I am concerned. I particularily do not like the drain in my energy level.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My triceps hurt like never before. My legs are still a little sore but not bad. I can feel the muscles in my back but not painful. But I cannot lift my arms to scratch my head!!! :) I tried to my interval training today. I did a modified Mountain only up to 10% incline and back down. I did 3 intervals, 4.6, 4.7, and 4,8 mph. I had to stop during the third interval. I couldn't continue. I finished walking for 5 minutes. I don't know why I couldn't continue. But my body was done. I hesitated to even get on the treadmill this morning, but felt that was just me trying not to excersie. But I was still very sore this morning. I probably should have waited for my PT tomorrow to do intervals again. I looked at my food totals for the first week. I am doing good at keeping my nutritional value percentages in line. But I noticed that my calorie totals are right around 1,200 cal per day. If they told me I would only be eating a 1,200 calorie diet I wouldn't have done it. But I ate only 1,200 cal for a week and never noticed. I am rarely hungry and if I am I eat. I have so far staved off junk food by constantly asking if it is worth the cost. You know what, it never is. I even have a closet full of junk food for the girls and if I start to want it I ask myself if is's worth the cost and any thought of going off reservation is voided. Thus far it is not worth the cost. Let's see how I am doing 3 weeks from now. I have kept to the Jump Start meals 90% of the time. I am looking forward to adding food to my diet. This weekend I added smoothies. Much better that ready to drink shakes. Speaking of which, I am going to go make one for myself now. Time to eat again! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last night I dreamt that I went "off plan" with my food. I started to eat all sorts of junk food. I ate a handful of potato chips then another and another. Then I started to eat other junk food. I didn't care. But the guilt feeling were strong.

When I woke up this morning, I smiled and realized I had not gone on an eating binge and further more had no desire to eat that junk. And I felt great because I knew the food I was eating was refueling my body.

Speaking of the food I am eating. While the food I am eating is good and good for me and also normal food, it requires a lot of chewing and chewing and chewing... I guess I am used to such processed food that I can eat it faster. Of course then I have to eat again sooner. I am missing the sweet tastes of foods. But not the actual foods. I want my eggs and oatmeal to be sweeter. I had a veggie scramble this morning that took me 30 minutes to eat! It may have gone down faster if it was sweeter. Although the recipe suggested some salss andI forgot to put that one. Salsa may have helped give it some more flavor.

The other meals are not so bad. I guess I just need to find a way to make my oatmeal sweeter. I gag eating plain oatmeal. But for the Jump Start phase I will survive.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First PT

I worked with Sara today. I did 30 minutes of cardio. First we did 5 min @ 3.5 then upped incline to 2 then each minute upped to 5, 7,10, 12, 15 then down each minute. Then we did 6 sprint sets. I ran for 60 seconds, jumped off for 60 seconds then repeated 6 times increasing my speed each time. A little light headed as I came off treadmill.

I then did 30 minutes of strength training. My legs were jello by the time I was done.

I would have to say that having a personal trainer is definately worth the expense. As I was doing my repititions I probably would have quit sooner. I would feel the burn. And I know on my own I would never have completed the full 15 repetitions on a lot of the exercises. I will certaining consider a weekly PT training session after my 12 NEWO program is completed.

I also met Valerie at the gym. She just started the program yestereday. She was having her nutrition consultation this morning. I hope I see her around in the gym. IT will be good to have someone who is at the same place I am. But she said she will be working out primarily Tuesday and Thursdays. And since I am limited to M/W/F we probably won't see much of each other :(

I must say my energy level has increased. And I am spending less time on my duff and am now getting things done. I am actually only on my ipad because I am procrastinating paying bills. so off I go!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 1

My meal plan consists of 6 meals eaten 3-4 hours apart. Each meal is approx 250 caloris, 25g protein, 22g of carbs and 7g of fat. This breakdown of calories is designed to stablize my blood sugars.

Today is the first day I have ever eaten more grams of protein than carbohydrates. And with these meal plans it wasn't even that hard. The meal plans are with normal everyday food. It is just a matter of exchanging foods from protein, carb, and fat.

This program reminds me of the diabetic diet I was on with Hannah. And as I recall I lost about 10 pounds my last trimester of pregnancy. And I wasn't working out at the time. I was just eating healthy.

But now I know it was more than just a healthy diet that made the weight come off. I had stable blood sugar which prevented fat from being stored and released already stored fat.

My hope is that by eating with my blood sugar in mind that the weight will again fall off. But with the exercise component Lean Mass will replace it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Starting Numbers

Yesterday I was measured, weighed and pinched for my starting numbers for the NEWO (No Excuses Work Out) program. So here they are.

I currently weight 212 pounds and have 38% body fat. Yuck!!! but these are my starting numbers. And I expect these numbers to drastically go down over the next 12 weeks.

Monday, I meet with the nutrition consultant for my first of 6 consultations. We will go over a meal plan designed for me. Wednesday is my first Personal Trainer (PT) session. I am looking forward to both!

I am thinking this will be my week of Fitness Ridge spread out over 12 weeks. It is my hope that all of this information and length of training that I will have new lifetime habits in place.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's been excactly one year!

I cant believe its been a year since I last entered a post. I know once I got my ipad I spend very little time on my laptop. And entering posts on the ipad has not been convenient until now. I just purchased a keyboard for my ipad. I can now type much easier...except for the the two choodles on my lap.

I have been horrible exercising and eating this past year. I am back up over 200+ pounds. But in that time we moved to a new home. I am now driving 3 hours roundtrip to Grand Rapids 2-4 days a week. I promise to get my body clutter under control. But first I need to my house clutter under control again.

I have one last room to unpack. and it is 75% done! We have company coming next weekend and they need a bed so it has to get done.

We have had a lot of positive occur in our life lately. We cut our credit card debt in half this past week! we sold our house in GR at a $30,000 loss. But our new house has a much better payment structure. I am putting money into savings for Christmas and other gift giving needs. I am purchasing a trip for Erica, my mom and I to go to Orlando for a week in April. Mia is going to Europe for 3 weeks this summer and that trip is paid in full. Financially life is starting to shine. With those worries gone, I will will be able to fucus my attention on much needed other arenas of my life. And I am looking forward to it! Excercise will become my friend once again. It will not be a burden.

I look forward to posting more now that I have a keyboard. I've missed my blog.