Monday, January 28, 2013


I am loving running! Yes, I did just say that. I used to just love the feeling after I ran and hated every moment I ran.

I'm not sure how or why things have changed. But I have committed to running a 5k nonstop and seem to be well on my way to accomplishing that! I am heavier than the last two times I have used the program. But my attitude is very different. And it seems much easier this go around.

I think because I have slowed my pace and concentrated on the time aspect I have come to love the program. I do NOT start at a fast pace and slow my pace during each run. I always run at the same pace. I have increase my walking pace though. And that actually seems to make the running easier.

Tomorrow is not a running day. I hate nonrun days! I do add an additional run on Saturdays. Saturdays are my favorite run because I run for as long as I can. This past Saturday I ran 1.25k nonstop at 6.5kmph.

I am on track for my goal to run a 5k nonstop by August. I set a goal to run a 1k by March 2nd. I did that 1 1/2 weeks ago. Last Saturday I ran 1.25k. My goal is to run 1.75k by March 23rd. I think I will accomplish a 2k run on Thursday when I do my 20min run. So I am ahead of schedule for running a 5k nonstop!

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