Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Run, Forest, Run!

I ran today.  I ran for a total of 10 minutes.  Not all at once mind you.  I ran in two minute increments.  And it felt wonderful!  I've forgotten how good I feel after running.  There is no feeling on earth that equates.  I understand how people can love the sport of running.

Now mind you.  Don't go accusing me of loving to run.  I love how I feel after I run.  I hate running.  Ok.  Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  At least for today it was.  I actually felt great while I ran.  And I looked forward to each interval.  I ran 2 then walked 3.  I repeated these intervals 5 times.  I think I may do it again tomorrow.  Maybe even go for 2.5 minute running intervals....or go for more intervals.  Maybe I should stick with 2 min intervals as they were doable and I should just add more intervals tomorrow.

That all depends on how my body is feeling.  I am very sore tonight.  A very good sore.  But sore none the less.  I could always dose up on vitamin I (ibuprofen) before the run...  I have options.  The one option that does not exist is doing nothing.  That is no longer an option.

In fact, I think I need to find more to do in my day.  Exercising has gotten me off my butt in more ways than one.  I now get my chores and errands done early.  I have dinner planned out and prepared.  I find I have more time on my hands.

Now, I could clean my house more.  And yes it does need it.  But I need to pace myself.  Just like this program.  One habit at a time.  If I go full blown Flylady on my home I'll burn myself out again.  so I do my chores as they are planned each day.  But I may need to add more.

I am think I also need to get to work on my family tree. 

I had two goals this fall.  I wanted to get into shape and I wanted to work on my family tree.  Sandie's illness sidetracked both.  But now I have started to workout again.  I can feel my body changing.  And in taking the time to workout I have found I have more time on my hands.  And napping is no longer needed!

So time to hit goal number two from this fall.

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