Friday, May 17, 2013


I planned to get up and do my workout before leaving for the college tour this morning.  But I also knew I would NEVER do it.  I am not a morning person.  Not ever.  So in the back of my mind I figured I'd do it this afternoon/evening when I got home.

Well when we got home, I was too tired.  Dinner came and went. I crawled into bed intent on Facebooking the night away.  

Suddenly, I am up, in my closet, changing into my workout clothes.  I thought I'd do 1 circuit and call it quits.  After one was done...I thought ok I'll do 2. After 2 I went full throttle for 3!  As I neared the end of my circuit I kept hearing Mish tell me to give it my all...not to whimper out but to finish with a bang.  And I did.

Last round, I never watched the videos. This weeks Mindset video was what go my through tonights workout.  I am so glad that I watched the video.  I'm not sure what's changed in me this round.  But I am participating fully.  Not 100% with the menus.  But in every other aspect I am 100% committed.  I am committed to 1200-1400 cal/day.  I do love Mish's meals when I eat them.  Not sure what's holding me back from100% meal participation.  But I know in time that also will come.  Baby steps that last a lifetime are more important than going full throttle for a few weeks and quitting.

On another note...

Hannah toured SCSU today.  It is a lovely campus. And I love St. Cloud.  I could happily send my daughter to SCSU.  We also drove around to look at the 3 gymnastics facilities near St. Cloud.  If she decides to attend SCSU she will be able to find a gym to coach and intern at quite easily.

She is now considering a business major instead of Sports Management.  She figures the business degree will help her more when opening her gym.  So now she wants to go look at UMD.  Since both Al and I graduated from UMD I think it would be great!  She has plenty of time to decide what she would like to do. I'm glad she is starting to think about these things!

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