Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ok.  I decided to create a visual motivation for myself.  I spent two hours shopping for the perfect items.  Finally figured out Pier 1 would have exactly what I wanted...and they did!  I purchased two beautiful glasses and a plate.  In one of the glasses I placed marbles equal to the amount of weight I want to loose (52 pounds).  In the other glass I will place marbles from the first glass as I loose the weight.  I placed these glasses on the plate.  I also placed 25 marbles for the weight I have already removed from my body.  It's beautiful to look at and I cant wait to move my marbles.

Today was my third workout.  I did my intervals and then continued on my walk.  Today I added additional intervals because I wanted to.  I did 5.5k in 54 minutes.  I did a 5k in 48min 50 sec.  Not too shabby...especially since a hardly ran.  But it's a starting location for the summer.

Halfway through my workout, I took my tank top off. I was too hot.  In my 42 years I have never publicly worked out in my sports bra.  Never.  Swore I never would.  I thought it would be too much like running in my unders.  But I just didn't care.  I figured if I could wear a two piece swimsuit I could run in my sports bra.  And I've never felt that way when I saw others in a sports bra.  It was just a confidence thing.  And 12wbt has given me confidence to do things I normally wouldn't even at 200+ pounds.  Next week I will be sub 200 :)  Yippee!!!

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