Thursday, January 17, 2013

My first 5k

Ok I lied. It's not my first 5k. But it is the first 5k I have completed in over 18 months!! And it felt awesome!!! And then I soak in my tub for half an hour.

I started today very sleepy. I had to run my daughter to the ortho so I didn't workout until after lunch. While I waited for my daughter I got this crazy idea that I was going to run a 1k without walking. Today! I wasn't scheduled to do that until March 2nd. But I thought, nothing ventured nothing gained. So after a 5 min warmup I began my first attempt.

After the first tenth of a k I thought maybe just half a k today. I can build from there. SHUT UP VOICE! After the first half I began to count off each tenth. I began to use VOICE to my advantage. .6 .7 .8 .9 1K!

I don't think I have ever ran a full kilometer in my life. I've always run based on minutes. But I did it. And after my 1k, I continued with my c25k program. I had decided that I was going to be on the tm for my full hour and not split my time with the bike. After the c25k program was finished I decided to keep doing intervals until a 5k was completed. I completed the 5k at 53:46. I walked at total of 5.4k in my hour on the tm.

Oh...and I burned 593 calories. And I didn't swear once. Usually when I run and am pushing myself I repeat the F word over and over and over. It's my mantra to keep going. Usually in my head but occasionally it slips out of my mouth.

And here's the real kicker...I've never run at this weight before. I have always been sub 200 when I ran in the past. To be around 220 and running better than ever feels great!

My running plan next week is to do wk 4 of c25k. But on the third day run my 1k and then do day 3 like I did this week. I'm not adding more distance to my 1k yet. I want to get comfortable with each run.

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