Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back on track!

Saturday's workout plan did not come to fruition.  And since I have not been able to get back on track.  Mia had a track meet on Saturday.  I got to stand in pouring rain to watch her high jump.  Even with the cold and pouring rain I really enjoyed watching her jump.  My plan had been to watch her jump and then workout during the rest of the meet.  But my mom decided to come to the meet.  I am glad she did.  But with the pouring rain and my mom to visit with my workout did not get done.  Mia and I got home about 5:30 from the meet.  I really could have worked out after we returned home. But I was too lazy.

Sunday was busy with recital practice, cheerleading practice, dance recital and more cheerleading.  I was gone from home from 8:30am to 9:30pm. I could have gotten up and completed my workout before hand. I am not and never will be a morning person.

Yesterday, I did 25 pushups first thing in the morning.  Week 2 Challenge is to complete 300 pushups on my toes.  This in addition to any pushups in my workout plan.  So I started with a plan of 50 pushups a day.  I managed 12 pushups before needing a break :)  I am very happy with that.  Then I had to bring Mia to the doctor to get her collar bone x-rayed.  That took over 3 hours.  The afternoon was spent registering Erica for dance next year and then dance class.  Now I did have a couple of hours in the afternoon I could have worked out.  But I didn't. :(  I didn't even finish my 50 pushups...

Today.  It is 11:00 am.  I have done 25 pushups.  I will complete my workout for today!  Plus I will do 50 more pushups and rejoin my squat challenge.  150 squats today.  So before lunch I commit to doing 25 pushups and 100/150 squats.  Then after lunch I will do my 12wbt program workout.

Food has been an issue lately. I've been eating out way too much.  I have not been journaling.  But that is changing today.  Began to journal again this morning.  

I know my changes are for a lifetime.  I accept that I will backslide.  But I am committed to staying to course for the long haul.  I know the week before each period will be a struggle.  I commit to getting through it and getting back on track as quickly as possible.  I will not let it destroy the hard work I have already invested in myself.  I commit to taking care of myself.  I commit to staying healthy.  

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