Sunday, January 13, 2013

Exercise makes me sleepy

I have in the past suffered with sleeplessness at night. I often wake at 3 or 4 and cannot go back to sleep. I'll read, check fb or play on my ipad until I get tired often 5 or 6 before that happens.

Since I've started working out I am sleeping through the night. If I happen to wake, I fall back to sleep in a matter of minutes not hours. Therefore I am up earlier and to bed earlier on a regular basis. 2 1/2 weeks consitutes a regular basis.

It may also have something to do with my lack of caffeine. Since I have drastically cut my diet cokes down to 1 or two a week I am sleeping better. I used to consume over 2Ls of diet coke a day. Now it is water...water...water! And my body is constantly craving more water.

So it's 6:30 at night and I want to put my jammies on and crawl into bed. But Downton Abby is on at 8. And I just have to stay up to watch this weeks episode. So no bed until 8. Hopefully I stay awake until the end of the show. Friday night I fell asleep before Merlin was over! Hmm..I wonder if it's on OnDemand. Nope just checked. Guess I'll have to wait until fall to catch up on this episode.

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