Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holy Shit!

So 12wbt had us journal our food for the week. I survived and will continue to do so. The Holy Shit moment was journaling my food costs for the week.

Many members were journaling just their eating out amounts. I thought this was what was meant and since I "rarely" dine out it would be a piece of cake! OMG. I spent money on dining out every day except today. My grand total for the week was $180.20. Seriously? I could save almost a thousand dollars a month by eating only at home!

Now I could argue that I don't dine out this often all the time. So...I am going to monitor this for next week also. Here's what I know I will dine out.

Monday is pizza night for the family. We eat at the local place because they have a great deal on Monday's. Friday is my lunch date with Hannah. Once a week we have lunch together. It's our time to catch up and she gets to pick the place. Saturday Hannah has another meet in the cities. That is lunch and dinner out!

So as you can see through in a Starbucks run and a fast food stop or two and I am right back up to this weeks total! It will be interesting to monitor this weekly expenditure...

Even with dining out almost everyday, I kept my calories under 1500 each day!! I can only imagine the calories I consumed when I wasn't journaling my food. I am focusing on more protein and fiber in my diet so that I am not so hungry. I have also learned that I get hungry when i am bored. So staying active is part of my food plan.

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