Monday, January 21, 2013

Good day/Bad day

W4D1 of C25k. Killed it! Not only did I finish all my intervals, I managed to add 30 sec of running to my last interval. I also slightly increased my speed. I also finished my workout with my bike. I pushed myself to keep my heart rate up during my bike. Not as high as my tm workout but enough to keep my HRM from beeping at me.

Today was a hungry day. I was hungry ALL day. I just couldn't get enough to eat. TTOM is to appear this weekend. So it was probably that. But next time I get the hungries I need to eat more veggies before I keep eating junk-food. Although I kept my eating in check. I could have done so much worse. And MFP journal showed only1700 cal consumed. In the past it would have been 3 times that. So the worst thing I did was eat my workout calories.

I'm still feeling good about the choices I am making overall. I could lament the extra 500 cal consumed. But I am not going to do that. I am accepting my behavior. My body apparently needed those extra carbs today. I gave them to it. Tomorrow is a another day with different needs.

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