Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back on track!

Saturday's workout plan did not come to fruition.  And since I have not been able to get back on track.  Mia had a track meet on Saturday.  I got to stand in pouring rain to watch her high jump.  Even with the cold and pouring rain I really enjoyed watching her jump.  My plan had been to watch her jump and then workout during the rest of the meet.  But my mom decided to come to the meet.  I am glad she did.  But with the pouring rain and my mom to visit with my workout did not get done.  Mia and I got home about 5:30 from the meet.  I really could have worked out after we returned home. But I was too lazy.

Sunday was busy with recital practice, cheerleading practice, dance recital and more cheerleading.  I was gone from home from 8:30am to 9:30pm. I could have gotten up and completed my workout before hand. I am not and never will be a morning person.

Yesterday, I did 25 pushups first thing in the morning.  Week 2 Challenge is to complete 300 pushups on my toes.  This in addition to any pushups in my workout plan.  So I started with a plan of 50 pushups a day.  I managed 12 pushups before needing a break :)  I am very happy with that.  Then I had to bring Mia to the doctor to get her collar bone x-rayed.  That took over 3 hours.  The afternoon was spent registering Erica for dance next year and then dance class.  Now I did have a couple of hours in the afternoon I could have worked out.  But I didn't. :(  I didn't even finish my 50 pushups...

Today.  It is 11:00 am.  I have done 25 pushups.  I will complete my workout for today!  Plus I will do 50 more pushups and rejoin my squat challenge.  150 squats today.  So before lunch I commit to doing 25 pushups and 100/150 squats.  Then after lunch I will do my 12wbt program workout.

Food has been an issue lately. I've been eating out way too much.  I have not been journaling.  But that is changing today.  Began to journal again this morning.  

I know my changes are for a lifetime.  I accept that I will backslide.  But I am committed to staying to course for the long haul.  I know the week before each period will be a struggle.  I commit to getting through it and getting back on track as quickly as possible.  I will not let it destroy the hard work I have already invested in myself.  I commit to taking care of myself.  I commit to staying healthy.  

Friday, May 17, 2013


I planned to get up and do my workout before leaving for the college tour this morning.  But I also knew I would NEVER do it.  I am not a morning person.  Not ever.  So in the back of my mind I figured I'd do it this afternoon/evening when I got home.

Well when we got home, I was too tired.  Dinner came and went. I crawled into bed intent on Facebooking the night away.  

Suddenly, I am up, in my closet, changing into my workout clothes.  I thought I'd do 1 circuit and call it quits.  After one was done...I thought ok I'll do 2. After 2 I went full throttle for 3!  As I neared the end of my circuit I kept hearing Mish tell me to give it my all...not to whimper out but to finish with a bang.  And I did.

Last round, I never watched the videos. This weeks Mindset video was what go my through tonights workout.  I am so glad that I watched the video.  I'm not sure what's changed in me this round.  But I am participating fully.  Not 100% with the menus.  But in every other aspect I am 100% committed.  I am committed to 1200-1400 cal/day.  I do love Mish's meals when I eat them.  Not sure what's holding me back from100% meal participation.  But I know in time that also will come.  Baby steps that last a lifetime are more important than going full throttle for a few weeks and quitting.

On another note...

Hannah toured SCSU today.  It is a lovely campus. And I love St. Cloud.  I could happily send my daughter to SCSU.  We also drove around to look at the 3 gymnastics facilities near St. Cloud.  If she decides to attend SCSU she will be able to find a gym to coach and intern at quite easily.

She is now considering a business major instead of Sports Management.  She figures the business degree will help her more when opening her gym.  So now she wants to go look at UMD.  Since both Al and I graduated from UMD I think it would be great!  She has plenty of time to decide what she would like to do. I'm glad she is starting to think about these things!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


ugh!  it started this morning about 10:00.  I HAD to have a donut from Walmart.  I threw the rest away as soon as I got home!  But from there it went all down hill!  Must be about a week from TTOM!  Wish I thought of that earlier...  I don't feel so very guilty anymore.  Every month I deal with this eating frenzy.  I have never been able to conquer it.  But I also know that in the grand scheme of things my "diet" is not destroyed by it.  

Had a great workout this morning.  I brought my stuff out onto the deck.  Toffee hung out with me.  Neyo even visited.  She sat with one paw outside the door for awhile.  So 4 days of 12wbt and I love these workouts.  

Tomorrow and Saturday will be a challenge.  Tomorrow I am driving Hannah to Saint Cloud to tour her first college.  I guess technically her second college since she currently attends LSC.  But she never toured LSC.  And she is technically a high school student.  But with the drive there and back most of the day will be dedicated to her tour. Do I get up and workout before going?  I am NOT a morning person.

Saturday, I am going to Mia's track meet in Stillwater.  That is also a 2 1/2 hour drive one way.  But at the track meet I figure I can find time to do my workout.  But...Do I want to wear my workout clothes all day? 

I also have my squats to do both days.  But I will get both days done. Because I DO NOT have time on Sunday to do a workout!  The little one has her dance recital on Sunday.  Plus Sunday is cheerleading day.  So very busy.

I always seem to be busiest on the weekends.  I am never able to do my shopping or big cookups on the weekend.  But I am learning to just plan for my grocery shopping day on Monday.  12wbt is designed for what works for the majority of people.  But I am sure everyone has to make some sort of adjustment to the program to fit their schedule.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ok.  I decided to create a visual motivation for myself.  I spent two hours shopping for the perfect items.  Finally figured out Pier 1 would have exactly what I wanted...and they did!  I purchased two beautiful glasses and a plate.  In one of the glasses I placed marbles equal to the amount of weight I want to loose (52 pounds).  In the other glass I will place marbles from the first glass as I loose the weight.  I placed these glasses on the plate.  I also placed 25 marbles for the weight I have already removed from my body.  It's beautiful to look at and I cant wait to move my marbles.

Today was my third workout.  I did my intervals and then continued on my walk.  Today I added additional intervals because I wanted to.  I did 5.5k in 54 minutes.  I did a 5k in 48min 50 sec.  Not too shabby...especially since a hardly ran.  But it's a starting location for the summer.

Halfway through my workout, I took my tank top off. I was too hot.  In my 42 years I have never publicly worked out in my sports bra.  Never.  Swore I never would.  I thought it would be too much like running in my unders.  But I just didn't care.  I figured if I could wear a two piece swimsuit I could run in my sports bra.  And I've never felt that way when I saw others in a sports bra.  It was just a confidence thing.  And 12wbt has given me confidence to do things I normally wouldn't even at 200+ pounds.  Next week I will be sub 200 :)  Yippee!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2 workout done!!

It was a great workout!  I wanted to workout at the park.  But by the time I finished breakfast it was raining!  Yes again my procrastination meant working out in the rain.  Fortunately, the park had a shelter.  The best part was the shelter was by the river.  Listening to the water rush by made for a very relating workout!

I again adjusted my workout due to my squat challenge.  My legs didn't allow for step ups or hamstring curls.  I did do one set of each.  But after 3 sets of 45 squats, my quads and hamstrings had had enough.  On Thursday I need to remember to bring both yoga mats.  That cement is still quite cold.  It was only 44 degrees this morning.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

week1 day1

I had a list a mile long to accomplish today.  And  I inserted everyone of them before I went outside to exercise!  By 1:30 this afternoon it started to rain.  Really?  Well, I procrastinated.  But I was not about to move my workout to my treadmill.  I've had enough of my treadmill for a while.  And I was NOT going to let myself procrastinate for another minute.  If I did I would not get it done.  JFDI.  I decided running in the rain was my penance for procrastinating.  As I got cold arms while running, I just reminded myself to JFDI sooner! 😜  

Off to a good start.  I did the workout.  Well except the final blast.  I traded by 130 squats for the final blast!  And I am really feeling this workout.  I started to cramp while stretching.  That was a first.  I thought stretching was supposed to help with cramping.  

Tonight I made the eggplant and capsicum wrap for dinner.  Yum!  But I decided I prefer eggplant peeled first.  The skin is very tough.  After prepping the capsicums, I was in the mood to keep cooking.  So I put chicken in the oven.  Then I made chicken soup.  4 servings for the week.🍲  I can't wait to try it tomorrow.

Last round I never understood the "big" cookups recommended for Sundays.  Part of that was my being gone almost every weekend at a gymnastics meet.  Now I get the idea behind a cook up.  I look forward to one each week.  I also think that there must be other recipes from this week I can cook ahead of time for assembly at a later date.  If I have time I will cook ahead.  

I know.  I know.  JFDI.  But my JFDI for this week is cleaning my fricken house! 🏡 It's a horrendous mess after being gone for almost 3 weeks straight.  My girls are not the best when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. And three weeks left on their own (with a day or two home in between trips) has turned my house upside down.  So my priority is to slowly put it back together.  I refuse to stress myself getting it done in one day.  15 minutes here and 15 minutes there should have it in livable condition by next week.

Speaking of not stressing myself...Tomorrow is hubby's annual stockholders meeting for Allete.  The girls and I have attended every year since E was born.  But this year I am telling hubby that I cannot make it.  I've got too much to do.  Plus, I figure nobody will miss me.  He'll be disappointed.  But in the grand scheme of life it is just not all that important.  So I am moving it to the "do not bother" list!

As I sit here and type, my body aches from today's workout.  How am I ever going to manage tomorrow?  JFDI that's how!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 1 take 2

Wow!  I knew I hadn't posted in a while.  But not since week 1 of round 1?  What the hell happened to my blogging my 12wbt experience?  Here's to hoping I do a better job this time around.

Last round I did the Learn to Run program.  I lasted for about 5 weeks then I got sick.  Then I went to help my mom with my brother after he had a seizure and a car accident.  Then I started travel season 2013 which is just ending now.  I am in the New Orleans airport waiting for my flight home.

I did my fitness test on Wednesday before leaving.  I can't believe the improvements I did make.  I was sub 8:00 on my 1k run!  7:45 to be exact.  I held my plank longer. I did more pushups.  I made the intermediate exercise program.  I've looked it over and as it includes a running segment, I am going to jump in and do the program I have earned.

On Thursday, as we were boarding the plane, my husband told me my butt was smaller!  Yahoo!  I wore a two piece swimsuit all weekend at the pool and I looked awesome!  

I had been waffling whether to even enroll in round 2 but Al was adamant that I do so. He feels that I have done so well that I needed to keep going!

My goal for round 2 is to hit an overweight BMI.  I do not want to be obese anymore!  There I said it.  It will be done!  

I am in the midst of a 30 day squat challenge with the Girl Gang on Facebook.  Yesterday I did 110 squats.  Today is a rest day.  Tomorrow is 130 squats.  Looking forward to them! It should be interesting with the intermediate workout program.  But it will be done.