Monday, May 13, 2013

week1 day1

I had a list a mile long to accomplish today.  And  I inserted everyone of them before I went outside to exercise!  By 1:30 this afternoon it started to rain.  Really?  Well, I procrastinated.  But I was not about to move my workout to my treadmill.  I've had enough of my treadmill for a while.  And I was NOT going to let myself procrastinate for another minute.  If I did I would not get it done.  JFDI.  I decided running in the rain was my penance for procrastinating.  As I got cold arms while running, I just reminded myself to JFDI sooner! 😜  

Off to a good start.  I did the workout.  Well except the final blast.  I traded by 130 squats for the final blast!  And I am really feeling this workout.  I started to cramp while stretching.  That was a first.  I thought stretching was supposed to help with cramping.  

Tonight I made the eggplant and capsicum wrap for dinner.  Yum!  But I decided I prefer eggplant peeled first.  The skin is very tough.  After prepping the capsicums, I was in the mood to keep cooking.  So I put chicken in the oven.  Then I made chicken soup.  4 servings for the week.🍲  I can't wait to try it tomorrow.

Last round I never understood the "big" cookups recommended for Sundays.  Part of that was my being gone almost every weekend at a gymnastics meet.  Now I get the idea behind a cook up.  I look forward to one each week.  I also think that there must be other recipes from this week I can cook ahead of time for assembly at a later date.  If I have time I will cook ahead.  

I know.  I know.  JFDI.  But my JFDI for this week is cleaning my fricken house! 🏡 It's a horrendous mess after being gone for almost 3 weeks straight.  My girls are not the best when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. And three weeks left on their own (with a day or two home in between trips) has turned my house upside down.  So my priority is to slowly put it back together.  I refuse to stress myself getting it done in one day.  15 minutes here and 15 minutes there should have it in livable condition by next week.

Speaking of not stressing myself...Tomorrow is hubby's annual stockholders meeting for Allete.  The girls and I have attended every year since E was born.  But this year I am telling hubby that I cannot make it.  I've got too much to do.  Plus, I figure nobody will miss me.  He'll be disappointed.  But in the grand scheme of life it is just not all that important.  So I am moving it to the "do not bother" list!

As I sit here and type, my body aches from today's workout.  How am I ever going to manage tomorrow?  JFDI that's how!

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