Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lacking motivation!

When I know that I can't get in 26 days of exercise for this month, it becomes hard to get myself to exercise every day!  I know I will hit 1000 minutes, particularily with my 10k on Thursday.  I figure that will take two hours to complete.  Maybe I will even go for a half marathon.  We'll see.

Menu for Thansgiving:
mashed potatoe
calico beans
broccoli salad
sweet potatoes
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie

I will definately not be eating everything on the menu.  Way too many carbs.  But I will eat a nutritious well balanced meal.  I will only eat until I am full (not stuffed). 

I am looking forward to having my family here for the weekend.  I wish my brother Jack would join us.  But I dare not even invite him.  He is still very angry with me.  I hope that someday he will quit being so angry.  Until then I will continue to pray for him and his happiness.  Maybe one day Mom can have her whole family together again.

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