Monday, November 1, 2010

Day One

The first day of my November challenge has been a success!  I went to my Body by Mercedes class at the YMCA.  She worked our upper body today.  I had a hard time changing my clothes after class my arms hurt so bad.  I was 10 minutes early to class so was able to get in 10 minutes of stretching!  So my total workout time for today was 55 minutes.  only 945 minutes to go for November :)

Tomorrow my daughter has swimming lessons, so I plan to swim laps after her class.  She'll be upset if I make her go to Y Weecare.  I may let her sit at the edge of the pool while I swim laps.  If that works she won't have to go to Weecare while I swim.  But I will have to give this some thought.  Do I want to worry about her while I am swimming or just concentrate on doing laps?  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I have set a goal of consuming less than 1900 calories today.  so far I am at 729.  If I eat a sensible dinner and don't snack while I am at work, I should be well under my goal!

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