Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I could really use a nap right now!  Just needed to say that.

Went to step/kettlebell class today.  Oh, my knee hurt so bad in step class.  It hasn't hurt that bad in a long time.  But guess what?  By the end of class my knee did not hurt.  It was just my mind trying to get me to quit before I was done.  How often that happens.  We are eager to do something and our mind plays mean tricks on us trying to get us to stop doing the things we want to do.  I remember now why I always left after step class and skipped kettlebells.  I just don't enjoy kettlebells.  So in the future, I'll just go to the fitness center and do my own strength training.  I just don't like kettlebells.

I am down almost 3 pounds!  I guess the weight I gained in October really didn't want to be there.  It seems to just be jumping off!  But the weight loss also motivates me to keep to under 1900 calories and to keep exercising, even when my body hurts and my stomache says feed me junk food!

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