Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yesterday was a bust!

I could not get motivated  yesterday.  And to top it off... I ate horribly!  Well I ate nutritious meals, choosing to eat healthy at meal times.  But in between, I couldn't stop eating candy, and cupcakes and chips & dip and I had two beers! 

Why is it when I start to feel success I sabotage myself?  I gained a whole pound from yesterday to today!  That is a lot of extra eating in one day. 

And I did not excise.  But I did put 4 days of no exercise in my monthly goal.  I guess yesterday was one of them.

I am not about to continue on this downward slope.  I am going to forgive myself for yesterday and move on to a smaller better me!

I am about to head to the Y to do a long workout!  I am going to bike for 1/2 hour then use the weight machines and then stretch for 5 to 10 minutes.  After which I will spend some time in the hot tub and sauna.  Or if the bikes are busy I will use the treadmill or eliptical.

I have lost 3.8 pounds this week! 

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