Thursday, November 4, 2010

20 minutes of swimming 9.5 laps.  That's just over a quarter mile.  I worked hard to not push off on each turn because that would make the swimming easier.  And in reality I want to be able to swim a quarter mile in open water next July for the Tall Timber Triathlon.  I finally conceded that next June I will have to take my swims to fresh water.  I hate swimming in lakes.  Just ask my kids.  I rarely go in with them.  But I can't do the tri without swimming in a lake.

I also swam 1.5 laps with my face in the water!  As much as I hate lakes double that for putting my face in the water.  I am making tremendous strides with puting my face in the water.  I need a pair of goggles now so that I can see and quit bumping into the side of the pool :)

My plan had been to swim for 30 minutes this week.  But I only did 20.  I was sore and wanted time to sit in the hot tub.  And since I am ahead in minutes of working out, I thought it would be okay to take a small break today.

Down another pound today.  I was amazed because I ate 1824 calories yesterday.  But I burned 600 working out which only gave me the 600 calorie defecit for the day.  I can just tell that my body is eager to remove this fat I gained last month.  It just keeps falling off.  I have 4 more to get down to what I weighed in September.  I hope it continues to slide off even then.

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