Monday, November 8, 2010

No plan yet

I haven't written down my plan for the week.  Having a hard time committing in writing to what I am going to do.  Since it forced me to work out last week, I can't believe that I am not yet doing it this week.  Maybe because I felt compelled to do what I wrote I was going to do.  And I felt double guilt for not doing it the day I said I was going to do it.  So I hereby say that my plan, which I am about to compose, is only a map.  I reserve the right to take a detour along the way.

I did do a full 60 minute pilates workout this morning.  Hard to do with my 3 year old wanting my attention, my 14 year old calling and saying she wasn't feeling good and needed to be picked up from gymnastics...  But I didn't let these speed bumps stop my workout! 

Monday: pilates 60 minuts
Tuesday: treadmill 30 minutes  pilates 20 min
Wednesday: Body by Mercedes 45 minutes  pilates 20 min
Thursday: Fluidity bar 30 min
Friday: Cardio 30 min
Saturday: 90 minutes at the Y
Sunday: pilates 20 min

Remember...this is only a map.   Although more than 250 minutes are scheduled that is my ultimate goal.  I plan to get 300+ minutes this week.

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