Monday, November 22, 2010

Ugh, I hurt!

And not a good hurt either.  If I was hurting from working out, I'd feel great!  But I fell at my mom's house.  I have a humongous bruise on my hip.  My back and hip were doing better, but seem to be getting a little more sore this afternoon.  My muscles must need a rest. 

The fall means that I couldn't work out yesterday and will probably take today off also.  That means that I won't make 26/30 days of exercise this month.  But I will still meet my 1000 minutes of exercise goal.  I am feeling guilty because I could have worked out any of the other 3 days that I chose not to work out.  But sometimes life doesn't follow the plan we have set forth and we must adapt.  I think it is more important to take care of my body and let it heal than to worry about a goal I have set for myself.  It is also why I set a two part goal.  I didn't want to fail for the month.  This way I can still call the month a success! 

Now, what should my goal be for December?  The same or should I increase the minutes of working out?  I am going to give that some thought.  I am really enjoying working out at home with my DVDs.  But I think I need to incorporate some time at the YMCA.  After all I am paying for a membership there!

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