Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who am I?

We ask ourselves this question many times in our lives.  Who am I?, What do I want with my life?, etc.  But, today I ask myself: Who am I? because I am going to start a running program.  Thanks to a fellow blogger, Annalise, I am going to start the program called Couch to 5k.  Ugh, I hate running.  Why am I doing this?  Because, while I hate running, my body is asking me to do it.  And I have to learn to listen to my body.  So today, I am putting on my running shoes and actually going to use them to run.  I'll be back afterwards to let you know how I do!

I DID IT!  The program is a great one.  I downloaded a podcast that took me through my first attempt at running since, well I can't remember the last time I ran.  The podcast warms you up for 5 minutes, lets you know when to run for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, repeat for 8 times, then cool down for 5 minutes.  You do this 3 times in week one.  By the fourth repetition I was ready to give up.  My shins were killing me, I could hardly breathe, and I didn't know why I was doing this in the first place.  But then the guy would remind me it was for only 60 seconds and I could do it.  And you know what...I did do it!  By the last 60 second interval, I found it much easier.  Of course that interval was down hill.  And I swear all the others were uphill.  Well number 4 was flat, but it wasn't that easy.  I am actually looking forward to do this again on Saturday morning.  Which bring me back to...

Who am I?  I keep doing things that I never thought I would do.  But more importantly, I keep wanting to do things I've never wanted to do before.  So, am I changing?  Am I becoming a different person?  Or am I finally becoming the "real" me?  Maybe that not so active woman wasn't really me.  And, maybe, just maybe that's why I wasn't so very happy.  I know I am happier when I exercise.  And not just because it burns calories and makes me skinny.  I am just plain happy when I exercise.  I am looking forward to exploring new forms of exercise in this adventure of mine.

I am not done yet...


  1. Ugh! I hate it when I post a comment and an error comes up!!!! I practically typed a chapter before it failed to post. What the heck did I say?

    Great job! Even though I don't know you, I'm so proud of you starting this program. I'm willing to bet that as you tell people what you are doing you are going to start paying attention to all the naysayers out there. These are the people that are going to tell you how they can't run because of "xxx" (x= ankles, knees, feet, asthma, etc.) Maybe you'll even try to convince one of these non-runners to do it with you but you'll hear how they "can't run". That was you and I, BEFORE. But now we are embracing what our minds told us we couldn't do, and we're doing it! 60 seconds on week 1 of running is nothing! We've both been working out, so we can certainly start a program with only one minute of intensity. And we have. I'm not too far ahead of you in this. I'm thrilled to have a cyber buddy to share in this journey. I'll be checking back and looking forward to reading about your progress. Maybe even sometime we can end up running an event together. Now that would be a goal to work for. Good luck and stay strong!

  2. You are awesome. I saw that post about the couch to 5k program and am still in the thinking stage of starting. Hope you have fun with it and I am starting to get inspired to start the program too.