Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Adventure begins now

Kathy and I decided to leave early to go to Zion National Park.  But first we had to detour play $10.00 of our friends money in the slots.  Kathy puts $10.00 in the machine and after a couple of rounds wins $205.00 for Peg.  I put in $10.00 and won $31.00 playing the penny slots, but then lost it again.  Cheap entertainment!

Zion was packed today.  I guess it's National Park week, so all National Parks were free to visit, that was good.  After lapping the parking lot, I finally found a prime spot to park :).  We picked a trail, Watchman Trail.  It was posted as a moderate hike with some inclines and 2.7 miles round trip.  Sounds good.  We head off down the trail.  Stop a gentleman to ask him to take our picture.  He asks if we're going to the top and points to a mountain "right over there."  I said no, I'd gotten suckered into climbing a mounting in Scottsdale and I didn't want a repeat of Camelback Mtn. 

We head down the trail which is fairly flat with some inclines in the beginning.  looks good.  Then we go up, and up and up and up.  At one point we thought we had to be at the end of the trail until an older couple comes around the corner.  They told us were were 20 minutes from the top and after one more switchback the trail leveled out.  So, once again I was tricked into climbing a mountain.  And Kathy wanted to skip Zion and shop in town, go figure!

We checked in, got weighed in and measured.  I like my scale and measuring tape at home better, but it was the end of the day and I had just drank a ton of water.  Kathy didn't think we need our Camelbacks at Zion, so we were without supplies while hiking.  We bought water bottles at the gift shop and proceeded to drink water the entire way to BLR, and hour drive.

Met briefly with the lifecoach with 3 other people.  For those Biggest Loser fans, one of them was Jim from a couple of seasons ago.  He won with his twin brother.  There are 3 BL formere contestants here this week.  Ivins is hosting the Ironman Triathalon on Saturday and BLR is participating in a Fitness Festival.  So the three former contestants are here to help with that.  But I do have the opportunity to participate in the 10k or 5k on Saturday as part of Ironman.  I'll definately do one, just not sure if I am up for a 10k, yet.

Dinner was a waldorf salad, yum.  And, chocolate pie made from tofu, yuck.  I don't like chocolate except in candy form to begin with.  After dinner we introduced ourselves to the group.  You know me, too shy to talk.  Then we had orientation. 

Now I am unpacked, showered and ready for bed.  Day one was awesome.  Can't wait for tomorrow. 

I do miss my girls and Al.  I hope they are having a good time.  Love you guys.

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