Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm off to Kansas City

My two older girls compete in the Region IV gymnastics Championships on Sunday in Overland Park, KS.  They are both very talented gymnasts and will do very well this weekend.  But that means 10 hours of driving each way.  I have purchased some protein bars to help curb the munchies.  Driving usually means munching on chips and candy bars and lots of pop.  That will not happen this weekend.  I continue to make healthy choices each day and traveling does not change that.

I completed w2d1 of C 2 5K.  I loved running for 90 second intervals.  It seemed so much easier than the 60 seconds last week.  I hope that continues to be the case as I progress each week.  Less shin pain today but more knee pain.  But then I have had knee pain all my life.  I figure once I lose all the weight I want and keep it off for a year then I will finally consider surgery.  For now, the pain is minor and I can live with it. 

My Girl Gang April challenge is going quite well.  100 miles walking/biking is going to be a breeze and I may even complete it before heading to Fitness Ridge.  But if not, I will definately finish it there! 

Yesterday was a Carb overload day.  I was craving all the unhealthy foods and I gave into them.  I even had a DQ Blizzard.  But I feel good.  I didn't allow myself to feel guilty and enjoyed what I was eating.  My boby obviously wanted carbs.  Could I have choosen better carbs?  Sure but I'm not going to worry about one day of poor choices.  I have a lifetime ahead of healthy choices ahead of me.  Yea, Me!

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  1. Good luck on the driving (and to your daughters). Why is it we associate driving with eating on long trips? I guess the monotony of the trip and it gives us something to do....and even keep us awake at times. Having healthy munchies available is so important otherwise it's so easy to have ooopsies along the way and splurge on more than we bargained for.

    Great job completing the first week of c25k! I think you're right about getting that 100 miles in before you leave for FR! Keep on keepin' on! Your head's in the right place and you are going to do awesome!