Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

This picture was taken in Fern Gully.  In the picture from left to right, Jon (Miami police officer), Kathy (my friend who talked me into coming here),  Seth (Biggest Loser), Jim (NY police officer and Biggest Loser and a gentleman), Jeff (pharmacutical attorney and suffers from guilt), Deanna (the quiet one and former marine), Bud (Doc), Shirley (most motivational group member), me, Mary (the cool one).

Today we hiked Saddle, which includes a steep hike up a mountain, a steep hike back down the other side and a mile and a half through sandy desert.  The hike up reminded me of Camelback in AZ.  The hike down was like playing on a playground, we climbed through holes and went down imaginary water slides.  We had to watch our language on the playground though.  The "oh fuck" I muttered at the top of the climb was not appropriate playground language.  Of course, I didn't intend anyone to hear me when I said that, but everyone laughed and agreed it was appropriate.

After the hike we had open gym.  I walked on the treadmill and even ran for a minute or two, though I didn't want to because the hike was so grueling.  It was nice to be able to do what I wanted during open gym.  Sometimes I get tired being told what to do all the time.

After lunch I had pool.  Only 6 people bothered to show up for class because it was so cold and windy.  But we had a great class and we spent 10 minutes stretching in the hot tub after.  Ball works was next and I do not like that class.  We had to hold the exercise ball in our arms for about 20 minutes while lifting it up and down.  Then we sat, well hovered really, over the ball.  When we finally got to sit on the ball, we used weights to exercise.  Pain, then more pain and then even more pain.  Treading was last.  And I loved every second of treading.  you bike (walk, elliptical, etc.) for 5 minutes really really really fast, then recover for 5 minutes, then you do it again for 4 minutes only faster, repeat, 3, 2, 1, then 30 sec rest 10 sec 30 sec rest 10 seconds and finish with a 30 second sprint.  I loved it.  I plan to do treading once a week at home.

After dinner the lecture was meant for guests staying over more than one week, but I went anyway since I paid to be here.  It was about taking care of ourselves first.  We can't take care of anyone else unless we take care of ourselves.  It was a very good class.  Sharon, the trainer, told us we needed to continue to do cardio 5x week for 1 hour not including warm up and cool down.  Really puts into perspective all the classes I used to take.  I need much more cardio in my exercise diet.  She also told us to write a goal everyday and use a sticky paper to put it up on the mirror and at the end of the day to write down what you actually accomplished.  That was a WOW moment for me.  I really liked that idea.

Calories burned:  3728 not worn in pool.
calories consumed: 1200
calorie deficit: 2500   165,700 to go!  That's almost 10,000 fat calories burned from my body this week already!  Gotta love that.

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