Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Adventure begins with a great big thud!

My flight from Minneapolis was delayed.  They never told us why or even informed us that it would be delayed.  Got to Denver to find that my flight was delayed there because of a loose bolt on a seat.  They worked on that bolt for 45 minutes!  Finally, we take off.  I meet Kathy at baggage claim.  We are upgraded at Hertz to a Prius.  But neither of us can figure out how to drive the damn thing!  Got to the hotel and couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  Checked in and found out there was only one bed for us to share.  Decided to go to dinner, Kathy was starving.  Ate at Mephis BBQ.  Worst BBQ in the history of the world.  Couldn't eat it. Went to McDonld's afterwards for ice cream.  Met  wonderful gentleman who wanted to share our ice cream.  When we didn't, he left and took an already smoked cigarette butt out of the ashtray.  When we left, I was reaching to open the door at the same moment another gentleman was reaching from outside to open the door, I nearly screamed. 

Kathy and I do tend to laugh a lot whenever we are together.  But I can't remember a time when we have laughed as much as we have tonight.  It's a good thing she is such a good sport. (Tho the Lord only knows what she is saying about my on her blog right now!)  We've decided to get up at 5 to get the hell outa Dodge, lol!

Looking forward to getting to the Ridge.  It can't be any worse than what we've already exerienced.  It is the light at the end of this tunnel.

But seriously we do intend to get up and drive to Zion National Park to hike before we give ourselves over to the Ridge.  And I can't wait to meet my friends who are there or arriving there tomorrow.  Until then...

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  1. Laughter is great medicine! Have fun at the park today.