Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter is upon us.  But the good new is that I am in control of the menu.  I have choosen Turkey this year with yams, salad, squash and a blueberry jello desert.  But just because it is there in front of me, or even on my plate, doesn't mean I have to consume every last bite.  I will choose to let my food go to waste rather than my waist! 

Today, I biked for 4 miles.  Really, I did.  Once I got out of the neighborhood (I live at the bottom of several hills) it was very easy.  I'd forgotten how much I like riding bike.  I still hate the hills in my neighborhood.  And they are a tremendous mental hurdle to get over.  But my Mom was riding bike with me and i figured if she could do it at 63, I could do it at 39.  So I did, we did.   I love that I am doing things I wouldn't do a year ago.  I love that I want to do those things.

Things are really going good right now.  I am choosing to ignore those Negative Nellies in my life who want to rain on my parade or stop the party.  Nope, I won't listen to them.  It is spring and I have a spring in my step.  Besides, I love what I am doing.  And I love what I am attempting.

By the way, I got on the scale this morning.  190.4, yipee.  Only 4/10th of  pound to meet my second Fitness Ridge goal.  When I first started, I wanted to be under 200 by the time I went.  Then when I met that goal in January, I set a new goal of being under 190.  February didn't get my anywhere.  And March started much the same.  But the last week and half the pounds have been falling off again! 

But even more than that.  When I look in the mirror, I see a fit woman. I love what I am seeing.  about 8 years ago I was down to 163 pounds.  But when I looked in the mirror I still saw how much fat I had to lose.  Now I just like looking at how healthy I look.  I'm not so concerned about the scale (though I still stand on it every morning).  I love taking my measurments each week.  It's so fun to see how many inches I have lost.

So my adventure which started as a means to lose weight has really changed.  I still want to weigh 145 pounds, but what large woman wouldn't.  I am more focused on enjoying the process and the end result will be a healthier more active me. 

Go Me!

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  1. Aren't the feelings from the process wonderful? And that end result is actually just another part of that process because you already are healthier and more active. So is there really an "end" to this process?

    I feel your optimism and am happy for how good I can tell you are feeling. Keep up the good work. Don't let those hills get the best of you! Stay strong. :)