Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camelback number two, check!

When groups for hikes were announced today, I found out I got to climb Camelback.  It is the one hike I really wanted to do.  I wanted to be able to say I had climbed two Camelbacks.  This hike was an actual hike not a vertical climb compared to AZ's Camelback.  But this hike was scarier.  I froze up at one point on the decent, I just couldn't figure out where to go.  I stood there and shook with fear.  Ky, the guide told me to go down on my butt.  Fear gone and away i went.  This hike really was about conquering fears and having faith in yourself and knowledge that the guides wouldn't take you someplace unsafe.  That said...

The hike began with crossing a raging river.   Then we hiked through desert sand and up sandstone to the top of Camelback mountain. 

Along the way we some interesting vegetation, including the tequila tree (well that's not its name but what it is used for). 

 At the top we stood around the "toilet bowl" and made our own petroglyphs

We were given the opportunity to climb down into the "toilet bowl."  I was the only one to do it. 

After the toilet bowl we climbed one of the camelback rocks.  I did not want to to it.  But the guides talked me into it. 

 Once at the top we had to climb down doing the butt and slide as we called it.  after that my camera batteries were dead, so no more pictures.

When we got back, we had a stretch class which was needed after that hike.  Lunch was tomato soup (best I ever had) and a turkey sandwich.

My afternoon classes were Total Toning, which was a Mercedes class on steroids.  Pool: I just love pool class.  Dont' let the name fool you, it is very hard.  And the Cardio Intervals.  I was on a bike where you pedal for 5 minutes to warm up then increase your intensity or speed every 30 seconds for 8 times.  At the highest you go for 1 minute then come down for 8 30 second intervals.  one minute of rest the pedal like hell for 2 minutes, two minutes of rest, then pedal like hell for 1 minute and then repeat.

Dinner was enchilada and chocolate coconut sorbet.  I love sorbet.  Even with chocolate.

Calories was approximately 1200
Calories burned was 3600 (not including pool)
gives me a 2400 calorie deficit, putting my total to loose at 169,600 to reach my goal.

Ta ta for now.  I am heading to the hot tub.

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