Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Feels Great!

Last night was another weightloss challenge class.  The wellness class was hosted by my chiropractor, Dr. Davis.  I have been unable to attend his wellness classes in the past, always too busy.  Because of the weightloss challenge I decided to make it a priority.  I walked to the class, 3 miles.  Then ordered a Greek Salad to eat during the class.  As I was ordering, Dr. Davis commented on seeing me walking to the class.  But more importantly than that, he noticed the weight I'd already loss since the beginning of the challenge.  It feels so good to be back on a downward slope.

I know I would have moved beyond my 198 at some point, but it seemed to have been hanging on for so long that I almost wanted to give up.  But Fitness Ridge kept me going and the weightloss challenge has now motivated me even more.  And the plateau no longer exists.  And I know we all hit plateaus and that we just have to keep going and that eventually you will lose again. 

I was looking at my data since I began this adventure 15 weeks ago.  here's what I will never see again:

17.6 pounds
4.25 inches on my chest
5 inches on my waist
4 inches on my waist
2.25 inches on my legs

so 17.6 pounds and 15.5 inches gone forever!  Not bad for 15 weeks of work.  And for those fights the plateau blues.  Measure with a measuring tape and not a scale.  Even when the scale refused to budge, the measuring tape got smaller and smaller.  So that's a pound and an inch a week lost.  I have to feel good about that.

My plan today is to walk while my girls are at piano. I have orentation at Anytime Fitness tonight and will do strength training then.

Tomorrow starts the Girl Gang April challenge.  Then challenge is to walk 100 miles in April.  I don't think it will be a problem.  3-4 miles each day should cover it.

Oh, and after class last night I walked another mile to Target to get my Easter shopping done.  Al picked me up at Target, it was too dark to walk home at that point.


  1. What a super idea, the girl gang april challenge! Super loss on those inches! Keep staying strong. You're doing fantastic. And now I am officially caught up on your blogging, at least 2010 that is. :) Nice to meet you Roxanne.

  2. You are doing awesome! And excellent idea taking the shoes instead of the car! Great that you are focusing on the measuring tape and not the scale. I have gotten so frustrated over small weight loss, but then I look at the grand scheme the time it took and go....okay not bad, in fact pretty great! Sounds like you have your head in exactly the right place and your feet!!