Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday at Biggest Loser Resort

I walked 5.7 miles today on Bull Run trail.  It was a much easier trail than what Kathy and I did yesterday on our own, but we still worked very hard.  Megan was our guide.  And both Kathy and I were in the front group along with Jim and then later Bud joined us.  At first, Kathy and I were not happy with Bud when he joined us.  He wanted to go faster.  I felt that we had been going faster from the first step out of the van and who was he to take control of our speed.  But in the end we enjoyed being pushed and managed to complete the trail 12 minutes ahead of schedule.  Well done!  I am happy that the four of us have ended up in the same hiking group for the remainder of the week.

After hiking Kathy and I both chose to attend pool instead of mountain class.  I thought I was taking the easy class.  Erin was tough and I have greater respect for those who do the pool class at the ymca.  Much greater respect.

We then had lunch, tilapia tacos.  After lunch there was a lecture for the newbies.  The lecture was talking about weight loss in comparision to financial planning.  Long story short, I am carrying 175,000 extra calories on my body.  Ouch!  It will take some time of saving calories (by not eating as much as I burn) to eliminate that weight.  Interesting way to look at my weight loss.

After lunch, my "green" group had pool class.  Yep two today.  Loved it.  Then I had curcuit training and step and pump.  My heart rate monitor quit during pool class and i couldn't figure out how to get it started again until after curcuit.  Bummer!

Dinner was chicken, wasabi potatoes, aparagus and pineapple sorbet.  Loved every bite.

I burned 4000 calories + what didn't register on my monitor.
I consumed roughly 1200 calories (I had some cucumber slices and pepper slices in addition)
so I removed approximately 3000 calories from my body today!

My calorie deficit is now 172,000 calories.  Just an interesting way to look at what I need to do.

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  1. I hope at the end of July we have plenty of pool options!!! It will be interesting as you lose weight to see how closely your total deficit totals up to where you're at. Enjoy your Tuesday!