Monday, March 29, 2010

Today, instead of going to step class, I am going to walk to the Y and do Body Sculpting and then walk back home!  This should get my cardio and stregth training in.  Hopefully, Mercedes doesn't work me too hard in class so that I have legs to walk home!  It's a 3 mile trip each way.  Very excited to try this.  My older girls are on spring break this week so they can watch Erica while I attempt this feat.  I figure if I leave at 11:00 I should make it to class by 12:15. 

My new "diet" is hard to follow.  I find it very difficult to eat 100+ grams of protein in a day.  And limited my Carbs to 50 g yesterday was impossible.  One potatoe was 51g of carbs.  But I did only do 58 g of carbs and hit 98 g of protein.  My fat grams were under 40, yeah.  That has actually been the easy one to limit.  But limited fat, limits what kind of protein I can eat.  I'm learning.  I am determined to make this the year that I change the way I eat for the rest of my life!

Speaking of eating, it is time for a snack.  I struggle with snacks because I want to eat fatty foods or sugary foods.  Perhaps some nuts and a green veggie freebie.


  1. Awesome workout...good luck sounds like a perfect way to get a workout. Our weather is horrible again so not walks for me. At least I got out and walked and hiked the 6 days we had nice weather! lol Hopefully FR will have dry weather when I am there. Good luck with the eating. Remember cravings do pass. Also, the more you pass them up the less you will crave them.

  2. I have learned to give in to those cravings with a small portion of something extremely worth it. I must admit, that if I'm craving chocolate, I give in and buy myself one small dark chocolate dove bar and then I'm satisfied. I count it in my calories and try not to do it close to bedtime. If I didn't give in with this reasonable solution, I'm afraid I would be back to binging.
    Another thing that has really helped me is eating SLOWLY, chewing thoroughly and finishing every bit before putting another in my mouth. It takes longer to eat and gives time for me to feel, I mean really feel the fullness factor. I still know eating too fast and not enjoying every bite leads to overeating for me.