Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Had a lazy morning on the couch looking at hotel prices for my adventure in Utah. Did finally book a flight and rented a car for the week, even though I will only use it to drive back and forth to Las Vegas airport. Gives me more freedom and if Kathy and I and others want to adventure somewhere Saturday we can do that. I just feel better having the flexibility and not having to book the shuttle to and from the airport.

Walked 3 miles today burning 482 calories. It was 50 degrees and sunny. Al and I had a wonderful walk Erica. She got cold about half way around the lake, but we managed. It was nice to spend time together as a family. So little of that these days. Hannah and Mia stayed home, but oh well.

After lunch we went to Y to play in the pool with Erica and Mia. Hannah stayed home. She doesn't like to swim in pools, too much chlorine turns her hair green. Al is now asleep on the couch next to me. Erica is on her 3rd bowl of ice cream. Mia is skateboarding on the sidewalk. And Hannah is upstairs in her room probably reading.

All in all it has been a great Sunday. Yesterday, I was successful in Duluth. I didn't get to walk on the Lakewalk because it was raining :(. But I did walk around the mall for over an hour and tried on a lot of clothes and bras. Should have worn my monitor to know how many calories I burned, but I know it was a work out! I found everything I need except the socks. I am going to the cities next weekend for Hannah and Mia's state gymnastics meet. I'll go to REI and buy some anti-blister socks and maybe a second pair of shoes. Oh and I do want one more swimsuit. Good news: I am down a pants size and bra size. :) Any guys reading this blog I apologize for the bra talk.

As always, I'm not done yet!


  1. Sounds like you're getting prepared!! Good job! Keep it up! :D

  2. Good job! If you have no luck with the socks they ship fast online and don't charge shipping on orders of over $50.00. I bought wright socks. Look forward to meeting you soon!!