Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Healthy for Habitat

I attended a nutrition session last night for my Get Healthy for Habitat weight loss challenge.  It was presented by Luke, the owner of the local Anytime Fitness.  I was so motivated by him and his employees.  Hope I win, I mean lose :).   Here's what was presented:  Be concerned with only Protein, Carbohydrates, and fat.  Don't count calories. 
Protein:  Take your goal weight and eat that many grams of protein everyday.  I want to weigh 140,so I need to eat 140 grams of protein each day.
Carbohydrates:  No more than 150 grams each day.  Fluctuate the amount eaten base on what you are doing.  Eat more on weight lifting days and less on rest days.
Fat:  eat at least 20 g of fat but no more than 40 g each day.

He gave several examples of protein to eat.  Oh and all green vegetables are freebies. :) 

Being Catholic, today was a difficult day to start this program.  First of all eating that much protein in a day is very difficult.  He suggested starting with 100 g.  But eating 100 g of protein without eating meat is very difficult.  Nuts can only be used for some of the protein because of the fat content.

I am finding it difficult not to count calories.   But it is somewhat liberating to not know how many calories I have consumed.  And I am thinking about what food I eat more because of the P, C, F content.  When counting calories I would eat anything and stop when I hit my "goal."  This method has me eating healthier foods.  I'll keep you posted on how it is working for me.  Oh, and the best part.  You get a cheat meal each week.  Eat whatever I want and I don't have to write it down, just acknowledge it's my cheat meal.

Today I walked for 15 minutes before body sculpting the did 45 minutes of body sculpting, then rode the exercise bike for 15 minutes.  I am feeling great.

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  1. 100 gm of protein is my daily goal. I crave protein if I am low. I wish veggies and fruit had protein!