Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did make it to Cardiokick today. Did 30 minutes then walked for 5 minutes to cool down. I am so very sore right now. But it sure feels good!

Tomorrow is "Get your Green on" day. The Girl Gang is doing a walk of your choice event. If it is nice out, I am going to skip step and walk around the lake which is 3 miles. I was going to just do a 3k and try to improve my time from Valentines day. But if it's nice I want to walk outside. If it's cold and rainy I'll walk on the treadmill and try to improve my 3k time. Either way, no step tomorrow. But I will do Body Sculpting at 4:15. And Cardiokick on Thursday for 1/2 hour.

Friday I am heading to the cities for my daughters' state gymnastics meet! Yeah girls! So I will be quite busy Friday and Saturday. Friday afternoon I am going to go shopping for more Fitness Ridge paraphernalia (didn't know there was an 'r' in this word) :). And Saturday I get to sit on my ass for 7 1/2 hours watching my girls. So Sunday morning I am going to need to go for a lengthy walk to make up for my lazy days!


  1. Those kid events are so important but they surely do suck the energy out of our butts from all the sitting.