Friday, January 29, 2010

Challenges Ahead

For the next two weeks, I will be traveling. And that means eating out. It is so hard to make healthy choices while dining out. Everything always looks and sounds so nummy. So, I need to focus on my goals now more than ever. And to do that I need a plan.

Breakfast: fruit & yogurt, or egg and toast

Lunch: salad of some sort or soup

Dinner: fish or poultry

snacks fruit or nuts

I hope that by having a plan I will be able to make those healthy choices. The prime rib might sound really good, but I just have to remember that I don't need all those fat grams. I feel better already. I am a planner. So having a plan alleviates my anxiety.

On another note...

I met with Meghan yesterday to tell her my story. I sort of feel like it's too early to tell my story because I have really just begun this journey. But I think that's why she wanted to tell it. Get Fit Itasca is not about the end results so much as the journey. Also, there are more obese people who need motivation. And let's be realistic, are we motivated by the skinny minny or by those who are struggling with us?

For me, I am motivated by the 60+ crowd. I see them in step class and I want to be them when I am that age. We each have our own motivation. And if I can motivate someone to begin their own journey to better health, I will feel like my struggles are more than worth it.

Meghan asked if there was anything I could say to someone about my journey. I replied, I'm not done yet. That's my new life motto.

I'm not done yet.


  1. Sounds like a good motto. I feel that even after I've reached my goal weight I can't think about it as being done, otherwise everything I did to get there could all come crashing down. It's better to think about it as a lifestyle change, which really doesn't end until we're gone.

  2. Funny how we all get these mottos that develop along our journey. Mine tends to be "I CAN do it!". Mind over matter. Stay strong. And keep on keepin' on!