Monday, January 11, 2010

New Shoes...

Since I was in Minneapolis this weekend for my daughter's gymnastics meet, I decided to find the perfect pair/pairs of shoes. I decided I wasn't going to a shoe store and have a pair sold to me. I wanted someone knowledgeable who would find a pair of shoes for the activities that I do. I started at REI (Reacreational Equipment, inc). I explained to the guy that I was looking for new shoes to work out, step aerobics and walking--absolutely no running, and possibly a pair of hiking shoes for when I go to Utah. He thought that I could do all those things with one pair of shoes, a good pair of running shoes.

I told him I do not run, not ever. He explained that running shoes would provide more support and cushioning than walking shoes and still provide the support I need to hike in Utah. I tried on 6+ pairs of shoes. I walked the store for over 1/2 hour before deciding on a pair of shoes, but they didn't have my size, ugh. I walked in a pair 1 size too big but just knew I would love them. Looked at the brand, Asics, and style. Then went to MOA, too busy so we left. So went to another mall and found my dream shoes. Put on my size, walked around the store for about 10 minutes, asked for thicker socks, walked some more. Sales gal didn't seem pleased with the amount of time I was taking.

Bought my shoes. I love them. They were great in step class today. I did get some blisters, but will wear thicker socks next time. They are the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. If you are looking for shoes, I recommend going to an outdoor store and finding someone who knows their stuff. Wanted to spend my money at REI, and not the other "store." But I will definitely be back to REI and they have won me over as a customer for life!

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