Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dropped my daughter off at daycare. Drove to the Y and realized I didn't have a shirt to wear at step class. Had my pants, my polar ft7, my shoes, my socks. Everything but a shirt. Wore a sweatshirt there. could not ever do a step class in a sweatshirt. Now I have to do treadmill at home. Just not what my Wednesdays are all about. I love my step class. My body craves it. Huh, wonder if I have a step video somewhere deep in the cabinet. Haven't gone through those VHS tapes in years. There's probably something there that I could use. I know I won't work as hard as I do in class with 25 other people watching. but better than treadmill two days in a row.

Still have my Body by Mercedes class this afternoon. That will lift my spirits.

I am having a hard time staying off the scale. I want to see what happens if i weigh in only on Saturday instead of everyday. But very hard to break the scale habit. I think it's harder than giving up pop to drink!

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  1. I'm the same way with the scale, maybe worse because if I don't see at least a small loss when I step on I get discouraged and my motivation goes right out the window. I'm thinking about putting it somewhere that will make it harder to get to, to discourage the daily weighing.