Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Under 200!

Got on the scale this morning to 199.4 pounds! Yipee! Those 200's are gone forever. I've been adding more walking to my routine. That has really helped. Dr. Oz says to walk for 30 minutes everyday no matter what. It doesn't matter how fast or if there is an incline. The magic number is 30. And that's in addition to any other work out you do. I haven't added walking to the days that I work out. But have added it to those days that I don't have any other class.

I've also increased my calorie consumption. I've been eating around 1,500 calories a day instead of 1,200. I am loosing more weight and not having the cravings I had two weeks ago. Loosing more weight this way, too. Seems my metabolism shut down with too few calories.

Since my original goal was to be under 200 by the time I went to Fitness Ridge, I am now in need of a new goal. Now I would like to be under 190 by the time I go to FR. It took 45 days to break 200. So I guess I can give myself at least that for the next 10 pounds. I need to take this slow. I want the weight to be gone permanently.

In the past, I have been able to loose weight quickly and easily. So when I would start to gain it was okay because I knew once I was motivated it would come right off! No so this time. At my heaviest 236 pounds in 2008, I got motivated to loose weight. I got down to 213 and held steady. I didn't want to journal anymore and I wasn't exercising. So I was okay and just waiting to get motivated again. It took 2 years and my friend asking me to go to Fitness Ridge with her to really get motivated. I'd already started working out 2x a week but wasn't loosing weight. In December I was 210.8 pounds, my official start weight. So I'd lost 26 pounds and keeped it off for 2 years. My plan now is to do the same thing. Loose my weight and keep it off forever! 6 more pounds and I will weight what I weighed before getting pregnant with my last daughter. Only 6 more pounds to go!

Saturday morning I leave for Phoenix, AZ for 5 days. Then I am home for 2 days and leave for Orlando, Fl for a week. It'll be good to have nice weather and I plan to exercise a lot while I am away. The difficult part will be eating out at restaurants for 2 weeks. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good for you for breaking into the 100's! Hopefully I'll be there soon.