Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When it rains...

I am devastated. I can't go to my step class today because I don't have a car to get there. We own 3 vehicles. I hit a tree with the Yukon on Monday so it's out of commission. I was driving the Jeep since then, but know it's not running. We are down to 1 car and Al needs it to get to work! So no step for me, no piano for the girls and no religious Ed for them either. Today sucks! I will make it to my weight lifting class if my friend Jenny makes it into town because she can pick me up!

I guess I will just have to treadmill it today. Yuck. I hate the treadmill. Maybe I'll walk outside because it's supposed to be nice today, if you consider above 20 degrees nice. I just know that I have to do something, because I woke up wanting to exercise this morning. My body is craving it. I know I have jumped a hurdle when my body wants to exercise.

Later, back at the ranch...

Okay, Al got a ride to work. I got to my morning workout class. Dropped everything to get there, including this blog. Sometimes things work out. Still have Mercedes class tonight to go to, but looking forward to that.

Now trying to decide what to do for lunch.

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