Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's been excactly one year!

I cant believe its been a year since I last entered a post. I know once I got my ipad I spend very little time on my laptop. And entering posts on the ipad has not been convenient until now. I just purchased a keyboard for my ipad. I can now type much easier...except for the the two choodles on my lap.

I have been horrible exercising and eating this past year. I am back up over 200+ pounds. But in that time we moved to a new home. I am now driving 3 hours roundtrip to Grand Rapids 2-4 days a week. I promise to get my body clutter under control. But first I need to my house clutter under control again.

I have one last room to unpack. and it is 75% done! We have company coming next weekend and they need a bed so it has to get done.

We have had a lot of positive occur in our life lately. We cut our credit card debt in half this past week! we sold our house in GR at a $30,000 loss. But our new house has a much better payment structure. I am putting money into savings for Christmas and other gift giving needs. I am purchasing a trip for Erica, my mom and I to go to Orlando for a week in April. Mia is going to Europe for 3 weeks this summer and that trip is paid in full. Financially life is starting to shine. With those worries gone, I will will be able to fucus my attention on much needed other arenas of my life. And I am looking forward to it! Excercise will become my friend once again. It will not be a burden.

I look forward to posting more now that I have a keyboard. I've missed my blog.

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