Monday, March 14, 2011

No scale

I have not gotten on a scale since the beginning of the month. And more than that, I don't remember what it said when I did nor do I care! WI have found that I am happier without the scale. And I don't sabotage myself either. When I get on the scale and it shows a loss I use it as an excuse to eat...I did well so I can eat however I want. If I show no loss or a gain I get upset and eat poorly because who cares!

I have been running three days a week and swimming two days a week. I don't let the scale stop or hinder me. I just do what I need to do. I feel great and am accomplishing things I never thought I could. I am preparing foe my first 5k of the season on April 2nd. Very excited! I am swimming 1.25 miles a week. I am on goal for march's goal of 5 miles this month. I couldn't feel better about what I am doing.

For Lent, I have given up all snacks with more than 5 ingredients! Everyone laughs when I say that, but it really limits my junk food consumption! I have to think before it goes into my mouth. It's been less than a week, but I am feeling goodnabout my eating choices.

On a fun note, I am entering this blog on an iPad. Typing on an iPad is difficult. I am hoping to get more efficient and be able to do all of my entries this way. I rarely use my laptop these days, hence the lack of entries. My iPad arrives in a couple of weeks. Today I am using Al's. Seems to be working.

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