Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 1

My meal plan consists of 6 meals eaten 3-4 hours apart. Each meal is approx 250 caloris, 25g protein, 22g of carbs and 7g of fat. This breakdown of calories is designed to stablize my blood sugars.

Today is the first day I have ever eaten more grams of protein than carbohydrates. And with these meal plans it wasn't even that hard. The meal plans are with normal everyday food. It is just a matter of exchanging foods from protein, carb, and fat.

This program reminds me of the diabetic diet I was on with Hannah. And as I recall I lost about 10 pounds my last trimester of pregnancy. And I wasn't working out at the time. I was just eating healthy.

But now I know it was more than just a healthy diet that made the weight come off. I had stable blood sugar which prevented fat from being stored and released already stored fat.

My hope is that by eating with my blood sugar in mind that the weight will again fall off. But with the exercise component Lean Mass will replace it.

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