Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Legs hurt

Yesterday, I had my third PT session. Mike started with legs and boy did they burn! Step ups on a 24" step. Can you say OUCH? Then it was leg extentions, hip abductors, dead lifts and to finish the ATM machine. What is an ATM machine you ask? It's a cross between a stepper and elliptical machine. I did my intervals on the ATM machine. I got dizzy so we had to slow down. Instead of a 60 second rest I did 90-120 sec rest. Mike said my heart rate should drop 20 counts during my rest period before attempting another interval. But never was not finishing the intervals a possibility. Mike pushed me through it. Again, I say the cost of PT pays off. I attempted intervals at home on Sunday and quit after 2.5 sprints. My body just couldn't do it. But I was only allowing 60 sec rest periods. Today my quads hurt like when I climbed Camelback in AZ. I cannot climb up or down stairs without pain. Going to the bathroom is again painful! Sitting down is a bitch. But I also know, this pain is temporary. I am noticing that I am getting lightheaded, dizzy and drowzy after some meals. I am going to have to start marking the meals this happens with so that I can figure out what is causing it. It doesn't happen everytime, but often enough that I am concerned. I particularily do not like the drain in my energy level.

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