Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First PT

I worked with Sara today. I did 30 minutes of cardio. First we did 5 min @ 3.5 then upped incline to 2 then each minute upped to 5, 7,10, 12, 15 then down each minute. Then we did 6 sprint sets. I ran for 60 seconds, jumped off for 60 seconds then repeated 6 times increasing my speed each time. A little light headed as I came off treadmill.

I then did 30 minutes of strength training. My legs were jello by the time I was done.

I would have to say that having a personal trainer is definately worth the expense. As I was doing my repititions I probably would have quit sooner. I would feel the burn. And I know on my own I would never have completed the full 15 repetitions on a lot of the exercises. I will certaining consider a weekly PT training session after my 12 NEWO program is completed.

I also met Valerie at the gym. She just started the program yestereday. She was having her nutrition consultation this morning. I hope I see her around in the gym. IT will be good to have someone who is at the same place I am. But she said she will be working out primarily Tuesday and Thursdays. And since I am limited to M/W/F we probably won't see much of each other :(

I must say my energy level has increased. And I am spending less time on my duff and am now getting things done. I am actually only on my ipad because I am procrastinating paying bills. so off I go!

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